Experience the diversity of the Slovenian Alps in this ultimate nature lovers tour. Take on a mix of serious hiking, white water rafting, kayaking and even canyoning. Explore the vibrant city of Ljubljana and savor authentic Slovenian food and wine on an adventure you won't soon forget.


  • Swim in the stunning lakes of Bohinj and Bled
  • Sample first class local food and wine
  • Test your endurance on a 3 day hut-to-hut hike
  • Summit peaks along the rugged landscape of the Julian Alps 

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Slovenia Ljubljana
Day 2 Begin Trekking in the Julian Alps  Mountain Hut
Day 3 The Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes Mountain Hut
Day 4 Trekking in the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj Bohinj
Day 5 Bled – Pericnik Waterfall - Vrsic - Bovec Bovec
Day 6 Mt. Mangart,Bovec, and the Soca Valley Bovec
Day 7 Historic Town of Kobarid and the Vineyards Goriska Brda
Day 8 Farewell to Slovenia  Optional: Piran or Ljubljana

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Slovenia

Capital City of Ljubljana
Evening along the Ljubljanica river

Welcome to Slovenia's lovely capital city, Ljubljana. Arrive this afternoon with plenty of time to meet your guide and get to know your fellow travelers. Explore the city on your own or grab a welcome drink along the scenic riverside. The real adventure begins tomorrow.

Day 2: Begin Trekking in the Julian Alps

Aerial views of the Slovenian Alps
View from the top of the Julian alps

This morning you set off towards Lake Bohinj where you begin you trek through Triglav National Park. Pass by the endearing alpine pastures as you ascend to a mountain hut just below Mount Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain. For those not yet ready to call it a day, there is the option to climb a nearby 6000-foot peak with incredible views of the Julian Alps (extra 1 hour).

Hiking Distance: 6 miles (10 km) / 6 hours

Day 3: The Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes

Bohinj lake in Triglav National Park
One of the many lakes in Triglav National Park

Today the path will take you through stunning alpine scenery with spectacular views. Again there is an option to ascend a towering peak (one extra hour), just south of Mount Triglav (Slovenia's highest peak). Afterwards, head down the Valley of the Seven Lakes where you can learn the geological history of this remarkable landscape and if you're lucky, even find a fossil or two. Spend the night in a comfortable hut next to one of the lakes.

Hiking Distance: 8.5 miles (14 km) / 7 hours

Plan your trip to Slovenia
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Day 4: Trekking in the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj

Scenic overlook above Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj

After breakfast, you'll bid farewell to the highest peaks and enter the land of the alpine pastures. Try some home-made local products and have a delicious traditional lunch. There will of course be time to explore the sparkling Lake Bohinj and treat yourself to an unforgettable swim in its crystal clear waters.

Hiking Distance: 6 miles (10 km) / 4 hours

Day 5: Bled – Pericnik Waterfall – Vrsic – Bovec

 Lake Bled Slovenia
Pilgrimage Church on Lake Bled

Today's first stop is the magical Lake Bled. Take some the time to visit the island, walk up to a strikingviewpoint, or just relax on the lakeside and soak up the fresh air. On your way northwest, be sure to walk under the fascinating Pericnik Waterfall before meandering up the curvy road to the imposing mountain pass, Vrsic, in the center of the Julian Alps. There you set off on another hike to a summit with spectacular views of the surrounding high limestone walls.

Hiking Distance: 6 miles (10 km) / 4-5 hours

Day 6: Mt. Mangart, Bovec, and the Soca Valley

Summit of Mt. Mangart
Summit of Mt. Mangart

This morning you climb the spectacular Mt. Mangart on the border between Slovenia and Italy. This peak offers not only jaw-dropping views of three countries but a truly amazing hike as well. After a great lunch, feel free to explore some hidden corners and waterfalls in the Soca Valley before enjoying the rest of your day at leisure.

Hiking Distance: 5 miles (8 km) / 5 hours

Day 7: Historic Town of Kobarid and the Vineyards

Wine region of Goriska Brda
The town of Kobarid

Venture southward to visit the historic town of Kobarid and learn about tragic WWI events in the region. After a beautiful walk by the Soca River and a relaxing local lunch, continue to the wine region of Goriska Brda to enjoy the Mediterranean landscape, taste some delicious local products, and of course sample the delightful wines. Savor your final evening with a scrumptious farewell dinner.

Day 8: Farewell to Slovenia

City of Piran along the coast
Evening in the Adriatic city of Piran

Enjoy breakfast and soak in end of a great trip before heading home or setting off for your next destination.

Optional One-Day Extension: Skocjan Caves, Vineyards, and Piran

Continue to the Karst region and the coast to complete your journey with a swim in the Adriatic Sea. Head underground and walk through the stunning Skocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the vineyards in Karrst and taste the superb local food and wine. In the afternoon, continue along the coast to explore the coastal town of Piran. Wander among its narrow alleyways and squares and enjoy your evening on the Adriatic coast. Return to Ljubljana in the morning or continue with your onward travel plans.


Map of Discover the Slovenian Alps - 8 Days
Map of Discover the Slovenian Alps - 8 Days

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