Set in Triglav National Park, Lake Bohinj is just 18 miles (29 km) from its better-known neighbor, Lake Bled. The fastest way to make the journey is by car—rental or private transfer—which takes 30 minutes. The route is quite scenic and offers numerous stopping points to enjoy the lake.

Another option includes the regional bus. Running on an hourly schedule, the 45-minute bus ride is a reliable and budget-friendly alternative with several stops along Lake Bohinj.

A less convenient option is the train, which doesn’t take you all the way to Lake Bohinj. Rather, the 35-minute journey requires a stop in Bohinjska Bistrica and a taxi from there. Alternatively, you can cycle the rest of the way along a designated bike path. This option increases the travel time to almost one hour.

You can visit both Lake Bled and Bohinj with this 6-day highlights tour of Slovenia.

By Rental Car or Private Transfer

Duration: 30 minutes

This quick drive is the most convenient option, weaving through a picturesque valley along Road 209. Bohinjska Bela is a great stopping point to admire the village or to conquer the steep hike to Iglica Falls. If you opt to drive all the way to Ukanc at the western end of the lake, you will find many stopping points suitable for a picnic lunch. There’s a grocery store at the start of the lake, across from the historic St. John the Baptist’s Church.

The Vogel Cable Car makes for a scenic detour with views of the Julian Alps. You can also catch the walking trail at the end of the lake, which takes you along its north side.

By Bus

Duration: 45 minutes

The regional bus is a reliable, budget-friendly alternative. It has regular departures and returns each hour, and offers a few different stops along the lake. This will give you the flexibility to spend more time at the lake, if you wish. 

Tickets are purchased on board, so it’s best to carry a little cash with you. Sit on the right side of the bus so you can enjoy the view of Lake Bohinj when you arrive.

By Train and Taxi/Bike

Duration: 35 minutes - 1 hour

Although it doesn’t take much longer than driving, the train is not as convenient. The 20-minute route goes from Bled’s Jezero station (on the western side of the lake) to Bohinj’s hub, Bohinjska Bistrica. From there, you’ll need to catch a taxi for an additional 15 minutes. Keep in mind that if you’re staying in Bled’s center, you’ll need to either walk 20-30 minutes (along a scenic lake path) or take a 10-minute taxi ride to the train station.

Because the region of Bohinj is a popular cycling destination, you can also rent a bike in Bohinjska Bistrica and follow the 5-mile path to the lake. This route follows a well-marked and paved bike trail and offers nice views of the countryside. Depending on your speed, it should take about 30 minutes to reach the lake.


Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj
Map of How to Get from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj