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Contrast Adventure is an adventure and activity company that operates throughout Norway. Our goal is to follow ecotourism principles in all of our activities and trips, and our focus is helping travelers have "off the beaten track" adventures. We use certified guides, and have ten years experience in making memories that will last a lifetime. Contrast Adventure is certified as an Eco-Lighthouse company, signifying a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Featured trips & expertise

Hiking Romsdalseggen

Norway Fjords Multi-Sport Tour: 9-Day Itinerary

Perfect for outdoorsy travelers, this 9-day tour of Norway will take you from towering mountains to picturesque fjords to sleek, cosmopolitan cities. Bike, raft, and hike your way through mountain plateaus, steep valleys, famed fjords, and national parks where you might just see some wild reindeer.

Climbing to a snow-covered peak

Norway Fjords Ultimate Ski Adventure: 6-Day Itinerary

Into backcountry skiing? Always wanted to see Norway's famous fjords? This tour's for you. Spend six days exploring backcountry Norway with stunning fjord views, lush hotel accommodations, and certified mountain guides at your service.

Innerdalen is said to be the most beautiful valley in Norway.

The Trollheimen Ultimate Hiking Experience: 4 or 5-Day Itinerary

Surround yourself with high mountains and lush natural landscapes as you take on one of the most famous hiking areas in Norway: Trollheimen. Sleep in mountain cabins and on summer farms. And don't forget to train before you come - this tour includes 7 - 8 hours of hiking each day.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Norway

Stunning vistas, monumental peaks, pristine coastline: for outdoorsy couples who want a week of post-nuptial bliss involving more than lying on a beach, Norway is the perfect honeymoon destination. Here are a few suggestions for you and your soulmate to explore this truly magical country.

Cycling along Norway's fjords

Ultimate Guide to Biking in Norway

Even from behind windows and on four wheels, Norway is already jaw-dropping. But from two wheels, feeling the warm sunlight on your skin and rush of cool air? Unbelievable. Cycling across Norway is slowly catching on, and there are routes to be conquered and explored all across the country - read on for some of the best.

Life on the edge, Fjord Norway

How to Spend 10 Days in Norway

With nearly 60,000 miles of coastline (including the islands), Norway is the longest country in Europe — and one of the most beautiful. The list of ways you could spend your time here is as long as your imagination, so get inspired with one of these incredible ten-day itinerary ideas.