Into backcountry skiing? Always wanted to see Norway's famous fjords? This tour's for you. Spend six days exploring backcountry Norway with stunning fjord views, lush hotel accommodations, and certified mountain guides at your service.


  • Visit Innerdalen, the most beautiful valley in Norway
  • Ski the Romsdal Alps and the famed Norwegian fjords
  • Overnight in cozy mountain lodges in picturesque ski villages

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Meet and greet Oppdal
Day 2 Fjords and the Innerdalen Valley Øksendal
Day 3 Fjords and the Innerdalen Valley Øksendal
Day 4 Skiing the Romsdal Alps Åndalsnes
Day 5 Skiing the Romsdal Alps Åndalsnes
Day 6 Departure day  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Norway

One of Oppdal's well-appointed ski hotels

Start your Norwegian backcountry ski adventure in Oppdal - a small, scenic mountain village that dates all the way back to the Iron Age and is now known as one of the best ski towns in the country. Join your guide for a little orientation and then head to Storlidalen (about 45 minutes away by car) for a short afternoon ski tour under a bright blue sky and rocky peaks.

Day 2: To the fjords!

Evening in the mountains of Norway

After an early breakfast, make your way toward the famous Norwegian fjords and the Innerdalen Valley, which locals say is the most beautiful in the nation. A full day of skiing will take you past sharp peaks, deep trenches, and winding mountain roads and over miles of sparkling, powdery, white landscape. In the evening, return to tiny, charming, fjord-side Øksendal for dinner and a night in a cozy mountain lodge.

Day 3: Skiing the fjords

A winter view down into the fjords

Wake in your charming lodge and indulge in a hearty breakfast before hitting the slopes again for another day of sweeping fjord views, sharp mountain ridges, and endlessly snowy peaks. When you return from the heights of your backcountry ski adventure, don't forget to wander the snow-dusted streets of the little town, take in the nearby views of the fjord, and take some photos of the cute, rustic white-steepled church.

Day 4: The Romsdal Alps

Skiing the Romsdal Alps

Your fourth day of Norwegian snow sports dawns bright and beautiful in the Romsdal Alps, about two hours from the lodge. Another full day of skiing will take you across some of Norway's most dramatic landscapes, where steep mountain roads snake steeply upward and an unusual series of peaks seem to march toward the sky. Legend here says that these peaks - known as Trolltindane - were actual a bridal procession of trolls that got caught in the sun and turned to stone.   

Day 5: A second day in the Romsdal Alps

Views from the valley

Another day of staggering peaks, hairpin roads, and beautiful, challenging backcountry skiing awaits. On your last ski day in the Romsdal Alps, ask your guide to point out Trollveggen - Europe's largest vertical cliff, beloved by climbers - and make sure to snap a few final photos for the road. Once you head down from the mountains, it's one last night in a comfortable hotel and then time to make your way home. 

Day 6: Departure day

For now, your adventure is at its end. Pack your bags, wave farewell to the stony trolls, and get ready to head home. From Åndalsnes, a scenic train will take you to Dombås, where you can connect to either Oppdal or Oslo.


Map of Norway Fjords Ultimate Ski Adventure: 6-Day Itinerary
Map of Norway Fjords Ultimate Ski Adventure: 6-Day Itinerary