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The year was 1997, and Turkey was a hot destination for backpackers from all over the world. And so Fez Travel and our fledging Hop-on Hop-off bus service around Western Turkey were born in response to an identified gap in the market. Although in the beginning just a few buses departed each week from a tiny office in Sultanahmet, our first year was a staggering success and our range of services quickly grew.

By the early 2000’s Fez was a leader in the budget tour market, and seeing an opportunity to diversify, Fez moved into the scheduled tour market covering the West of Turkey. In 2003, we expanded across borders, adding tours that included Greece to our suite of programs, an indication of Fez's strong and ever expanding brand. In 2016 we have extended our product range and covering more adventure destinations where we offer a unique experience to our guests. Australia has traditionally been our biggest market and we opened our first international sales office in Sydney to assist all our travel agents and travellers.

Over the last 20 years, as our reputation for providing good value, quality tours spread, and demand increased, we have made the shift from being a provider of budget tours to a leader in the provision of comfort tours, city day tours and shore excursions.