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View over the Bolivian Amazon
Map of Adventure in the Bolivian Amazon - 6 Days
Adventure in the Bolivian Amazon - 6 Days

In the Bolivian Amazon, the mountains meet the jungle. In the span a few miles, the icy peaks drop down to green tundra, which gives way to dwarf cloud forest, alive with the vibrations of hummingbirds. A little lower the trees are taller, sheltering ferns, orchids and birds, and lower still mighty rivers wind through massive forests teeming with a greater diversity of life than almost anywhere else on the planet.  This trip is about exploring the richness of the birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects in this area, and connecting to the people who have coexisted with and formed part of this life for centuries. But this trip also about protection. The ecosystems are under threat from logging, hydroelectric projects and mining. The tribes in this jungle are dwindling and losing their traditions as the outside world closes in. But through these sustainable tourism projects, which are designed, run, and owned by natives, you can help affirm the value of the natural and human inhabitants of these areas and slow the advance of destruction.

Trekking through Bolivia
Map of Trekking in Bolivia: La Paz & Cordillera Real - 6 Days
Trekking in Bolivia: La Paz & Cordillera Real - 6 Days

Challenge yourself on one Bolivia's most epic treks through the Cordillera Real, which boasts incredible landscapes. The journey will start with two exciting days in La Paz, Bolivia's administrative capital and the highest capital in the world. You will get ready for trekking through the mountains by walking down from the top to the bottom of the city, hitting some exciting landmarks and local markets. You will then spend the next three days on an alternative Inca Trail. Enjoy the dramatic mountain scenery and pass through small towns that will give you a feel of Bolivia's Andean culture.

Sunset over the Amazon
Map of Andes-to-Amazon Adventure Expedition - 6 Days
Andes-to-Amazon Adventure Expedition - 6 Days

From the heights of the majestic Andes to the depths of the Amazon jungle, this tour will guide you through Bolivia's most beautiful extremes. Get ready to explore the landscape by bicycle, jungle boat, and on foot — and don't forget your camera! The scenery is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

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