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Iconic View of the Old Town of Mostar
Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina - 6 Days

Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina, a unique crossroad of ancient civilizations with a mixture of both Western and Eastern influences. Start your trip in the capital of Sarajevo, with a guided walking tour of its historic center, followed by a hike to the Highland Villages in the Bjelašnica Mountains, including Gradina and Umoljani with views of the Rakitnica Canyon. End your tour in the 15th-century city of Mostar and the neighboring settlement of Blagaj, where you'll enjoy exploring Buna Spring and its neighboring Ottoman house and monastery.

Hike the Via Dinarica from Bosnia to Montenegro - 8 Days
Map of Hike the Via Dinarica from Bosnia to Montenegro - 8 Days
Hike the Via Dinarica from Bosnia to Montenegro - 8 Days

Perfect for hikers looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure in Europe, this eight-day tour will wind you through the limestone peaks, glacial lakes, and plunging canyons of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Raft through the UNESCO-recognized Tara Canyon, visit Bosnia and Herzegovina's highest mountain, and wind your way through two national parks.

The Old Ottoman Bridge in Mostar at night
Map of Discover Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar, & Travnik - 10 Days
Discover Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar, & Travnik - 10 Days

Embark on a historical and cultural journey through Bosnia, the gem of the Balkans, as you take in a variety of natural wonders, archaeological ruins and cultural traditions. Walk across the famous bridge of Mostar, stand under the ancient trees of the Perućica old-growth forest, try local delicacies in Sarajevo, and more in this ten-day itinerary.

Old Bridge in Mostar
Map of Historic Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka & Mostar - 7 days
Historic Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka & Mostar - 7 days

A crossroads of civilizations, Bosnia & Herzegovina has a magical mixture of European and Near-Eastern influences. Start the tour at culturally rich Sarajevo, the capital of the nation. Here, you'll learn about historical events that have shaped the country—and the world! Then, you'll change pace with a hike through the Olympic highlands, and visits the historic villages of Banja Luka and Mostar. The tour ends back in pretty Sarajevo, which you'll have time to explore on your own.

Visit the Sarajevo Cathedral in the capital's Old Town district
Map of Sarajevo Winter Tour - 8 Days
Sarajevo Winter Tour - 8 Days

This week-long tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital highlights the city's rich history, diverse culture, and delicious regional food in addition to curated winter activities like snowshoeing and skiing. You'll sip on aromatic Bosnian coffee, participate in a cooking class, sample regional beers, and learn to work with copper from a local artisan. Enjoy the perfect balance of active adventure, guided tours, and free time to explore Sarajevo at your own pace.

Sutjeska National Park - The Yosemite of southeast Europe
Hiking in Sutjeska National Park - Day Tour

Often called the "Yosemite of Southeastern Europe" for its dense forests and rugged mountains, Sutjeska National Park's natural and historical significance has made it one of Bosnia's most iconic destinations. Explore the park and revel in its majestic landscapes on this day-long tour that suits hikers of all levels.

Bjelašnica Mountains, Bosnia
Trek the Bjelašnica Mountains - 5 Days

This 5-day trek through the the hinterlands of the Bjelašnica Mountains follows part of the Via Dinarica White Trail, passing traditional alpine villages and old water mills, plus views of the Dinaric Alps and Rakitnica Canyon. Start your trip with day hikes from your secluded mountain hut, summiting Hranisava and Vlahinja peaks, visiting the shepherds village of Krosnje, and hiking around Lake Lokvanjsko. Then head to the traditional villages of Gradina, Umoljani, and Lukomir, ending your trek over Mount Vito.

The ancient caravan route from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
Map of Crossing the Dinaric Alps by Bike - 8 Days
Crossing the Dinaric Alps by Bike - 8 Days

Pedal your way through the Dinaric Alps - the natural border between the cute coastal towns of the Adriatic and the highland trading cities along the Ottoman caravan routes to Istanbul. Expect challenging rides, off-the-beaten-track gems, and plenty of gorgeous photo ops along the way.

Lukomir Highland Village Walk , a Step Into the Past
Lukomir Highland Village Walk - Day Tour

Walk into the past and experience a day in the life of a Bosnian villager. This one-day trip offers unique insights on the rhythms of daily pastoral life in one of the country's most historic and isolated regions.

Nighttime view of the Old Ottoman Bridge in Mostar
Map of Experience Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar, & Travnik - 8 Days
Experience Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Mostar, & Travnik - 8 Days

This historical and cultural tour will take you on a journey through the centuries as you traverse Bosnia and Herzegovina, a gem of the Balkans. Explore the capital, Sarajevo, and its enchanting cuisine and culture, learn about the history of the medieval city of Mostar and its famous Ottoman Bridge, take in the views and wildlife of the Sutjeska National Park, and more on this eight-day itinerary.

Discover Sarajevo at your own pace and on a guided tour
Map of Sarajevo Spring Tour - 8 Days
Sarajevo Spring Tour - 8 Days

This eight-day itinerary features Bosnia and Herzegovina's capital city of Sarajevo and offers the perfect mixture of history, culture, and adventure, with enough time to explore at your own pace. Deep dive into Sarajevo's long and varied past on a guided tour of the city's landmarks and monuments, immerse yourself in the coffee culture and drink your fill of the Bosnian elixir, and take advantage of the spring weather and hike to Skakavac, the country's highest waterfall. You'll visit Tito's nuclear bunker in Konjic, eat spit-roast lamb in Jablinca, and sample local brews in Dobrinja.