Often called the "Yosemite of Southeastern Europe" for its dense forests and rugged mountains, Sutjeska National Park's natural and historical significance has made it one of Bosnia's most iconic destinations. Explore the park and revel in its majestic landscapes on this day-long tour that suits hikers of all levels.


  • Marvel upon the Skakavac Waterfall, the highest in the country
  • Trek through one of the last primeval forests in all of Europe
  • Go for a swim in the brisk waters of the heart-shaped Lake Trnovacko
  • See stunning mountain views and encounter indigenous wildlife
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Sutjestka National Park is Bosnia and Herzegovina's oldest national park, spanning 43,000 acres of forests, valleys, and mountains. The park is especially known for its old-growth primeval forests which have been undisturbed for centuries, resulting in amazing ecological biodiversity. Endemic species such as black pine and beech trees up to 200 feet tall blanket the park, and animals such as bears, wildcats, and boars roam the forests. The park also contains Bosnia's highest mountain, Maglic, which was the site of a major World War II battle in 1943.

This tour is appropriate for all nature lovers who are in good physical condition and have no difficulty covering several miles of ground. Make sure to bring your passport, as part of the journey involves crossing into Montenegro. Hiking boots or high-quality walking shoes are recommended, as well as water, weather-appropriate gear, and a camera. Swimming gear is optional. Overall, from the pick-up and return destination, the tour will last around half a day from the morning to early evening. The difficulty level of this 4- to 5-hour-long hike is moderate, sure to satisfy both seasoned and novice trekkers.

Detailed Itinerary

Lake Trnovacko
Lake Trnovacko

Arrive at your pick-up spot in Sarajevo, behind the tram station opposite Pigeon Square in Bascarsija and drive for two hours out of the city. You will start your hike deep within the scenic canyon of the Sutjeska National Park River. Observe the immense trees that tower above you — some are over 300 years old! Ascend up to Dragos Saddle and stumble upon the Skakavac Waterfall (243 feet) deep in the valley of Perucica, the park's largest primeval forest. From here, continue on to Prijevor for a view of grand peaks jutting up above miles of thick forests.

Next, reach the edge of the forest and descend to Lake Trnovacko, a glacier lake surrounded by mountains on all sides. If the weather is permitting, you can even go for a dip in the blue waters of the lake, but beware, the water can get quite cold! Enjoy a picnic lunch in the midst of this picturesque area before hiking back to your vehicle. Get a last chance to appreciate the sheer grandeur of Sutjeska's landscapes before your drive back to Sarajevo. As you head towards the city, watch the sun set below the mountains of Zelengora and Maglic (7,828 feet) and illuminate the valley below with a warm glow. You will arrive back in the capital around dinnertime.