A crossroads of civilizations, Bosnia & Herzegovina has a magical mixture of European and Near-Eastern influences. Start the tour at culturally rich Sarajevo, the capital of the nation. Here, you'll learn about historical events that have shaped the country—and the world! Then, you'll change pace with a hike through the Olympic highlands, and visits the historic villages of Banja Luka and Mostar. The tour ends back in pretty Sarajevo, which you'll have time to explore on your own.


  • Stand on the famous Latin Bridge, where WWI unofficially began
  • Observe traditional coppersmiths at work in Sarajevo's Kazandziluk Street
  • Visit the Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Banja Luka
  • Explore the 15th-century Ottoman city of Mostar
  • See the sacred Buna Spring and its adjacent 16th-century monastery

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive to Sarajevo Sarajevo
Day 2 Sarajevo Discovery Tour Sarajevo
Day 3 Olympic Highland Villages Banja Luka
Day 4 Banja Luka Tour Mostar
Day 5 Mostar & Blagaj Tour Sarajevo
Day 6 Sarajevo Free Day Sarajevo
Day 7 Depart from Sarajevo  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive to Sarajevo

Latin Bridge in Sarajevo
Latin Bridge in Sarajevo

Welcome to Sarajevo! A representative will be waiting to greet you at the airport and help you transfer to your accommodation. 

Once you've checked-in and rested, you'll have the rest of the day to explore this exciting multicultural city. Part of the draw of Sarajevo is its tumultuous and complicated history: After being under Ottoman rule for 400 years, the city was annexed into the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the late 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, it played a central role in the outbreak of WWI. In the second half of the century, the country was sieged by the Soviet Union, and later suffered a bloody civil war. Today, flourishing Sarajevo stands as a symbol of the recovery and resilience of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For your first day, we recommend strolling aimlessly around the Old Town and along the river. This will give you a feel of the city without spoiling your tour tomorrow.

Day 2: Sarajevo Discovery Tour

Sarajevo coppersmith at work
Sarajevo coppersmith at work

Spend the morning on a two-hour walking tour of Sarajevo.  Visit the Old Town to see the remains of Medieval architecture, stop by Bascarsija Square, and enter several important places of worship. You'll also pass by Latin Bridge, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914—an event that eventually led to World War I. Finally, you'll get to see coppersmiths at work in Kazandziluk Street, and have the opportunity to buy unique souvenirs.

After the tour, you'll hop on one of the recently-renewed cable cars to see Sarajevo from above. Once at the top of the cable car station, you'll walk to Brus, one of the city's premium picnic spots.

Enjoy the evening at leisure.

Day 3: Olympic Highland Villages

Traditional Bosnian house near Rakitnica Canyon
Traditional Bosnian house near Rakitnica Canyon

Today, you'll leave Sarajevo behind and head to the Olympic highlands. The first stop will be Umoljani, where you'll find a traditional Bosnian Mosque and beautiful views of rolling green hills. 

From here, you'll hike to the Seven Watermills and see their water source, which was used for centuries to grind wheat into flour. You'll continue hugging the rig until you see Rakitnica Canyon open up before you, then it's a 20-minute uphill walk to reach the Cascades of Studeni Potok.

If you follow the stream up, you'll hit the Studeni Polje fields and be rewarded with a magnificent view of Obalj

To cool down, you'll stroll among the century-old stecci (Medieval Christian tombstones) that are perched on a gentle hill just below Umoljani.

After the walk, you'll get to experience Bosnian hospitality and enjoy a homemade lunch at one of the local guesthouses.

Then, you'll hop back in the car for a 4-hour drive to Banja Luka, where you'll stay tonight.

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Day 4: Banja Luka Tour

The banks of the Neretva River in Banja Luka
The banks of the Neretva River in Banja Luka

This morning, you will explore Banja Luka, the cultural and political center of northwest Bosnia. The city tour starts at the old Kastel Roman Fortress. You will learn about the early history of the area, and the legends that surround the fortress.

Next stop is the famous 16th-century Ferhat-Pasha Mosque, and then Krajina Square, the main square in the city. After that, you will take a walk through Veselina Maslese Street, where you can people watch and buy souvenirs. The tour ends with a stop at the Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Savior—one of the city's most iconic symbols.

In the late afternoon, you'll do a scenic drive through Vrbas River Canyon on your way to Mostar. Once at your destination, you'll be free to spend the evening resting or exploring.

Day 5: Mostar & Blagaj Tour

Dervish Tekke in Blagaj
Buna Spring and its monastery in Blagaj

Spend the morning exploring the village of Mostar, which was founded in the 15th century. The architecture of the city is a beautiful combination of Turkish ingenuity, and Herzegovinian and Dalmatian workmanship. Mostar is also famous for its most recent history, as it was notoriously split during the conflict of the early 1990s. You can still see the scars of war, but these days Mostar is once again a warm and bustling place with an intriguing history.

In the afternoon, you'll head off to Blagaj for lunch. Once you've rested a bit, you'll hit some of the area's highlights, including the Buna Spring and its adjacent monastery. The spring is quite amazing, flowing out of a tall cliff wall and single-handedly creating the Buna River. In the 16th century, the Ottoman Sultan was so impressed with the spring that he ordered a tekija to be built right next to it. The monastery still stands, and continues to be one of the most mystical places in all of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Spend the late afternoon back in Mostar before transfer to Sarajevo for the night.

Day 6: Sarajevo Free Day

Sarajevo Old town Gate
Sarajevo Old Town gate

Take advantage of this free day to see as much of Sarajevo as you can. Wander the small back alleys of the Old Town, go to the Sarajevo Tunnel and its war museum, and spend time at the Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque. Of course, this is your chance to stuff your face with as much local food as possible.

At night, head to the Yellow Fortress to watch the sun set over the city—the perfect farewell to Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Day 7: Depart from Sarajevo

Sarajevo cable cars
Sarajevo cable cars

It is time to say goodbye to beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. A representative will take you to the airport and help you with check-in procedures. 


Map of Historic Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka & Mostar - 7 days
Map of Historic Bosnia & Herzegovina: Sarajevo, Banja Luka & Mostar - 7 days