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Sutjeska National Park - The Yosemite of southeast Europe
Hiking in Sutjeska National Park - Day Tour

Often called the "Yosemite of Southeastern Europe" for its dense forests and rugged mountains, Sutjeska National Park's natural and historical significance has made it one of Bosnia's most iconic destinations. Explore the park and revel in its majestic landscapes on this day-long tour that suits hikers of all levels.

Bjelašnica Mountains, Bosnia
Trek the Bjelašnica Mountains - 5 Days

This 5-day trek through the the hinterlands of the Bjelašnica Mountains follows part of the Via Dinarica White Trail, passing traditional alpine villages and old water mills, plus views of the Dinaric Alps and Rakitnica Canyon. Start your trip with day hikes from your secluded mountain hut, summiting Hranisava and Vlahinja peaks, visiting the shepherds village of Krosnje, and hiking around Lake Lokvanjsko. Then head to the traditional villages of Gradina, Umoljani, and Lukomir, ending your trek over Mount Vito.