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The Amazon rainforest spreads across one third of Colombia’s territory and is one of the best places in Colombia for seeing wildlife. Frontier towns like Leticia and Puerto Nariño provide access to this remote region, which is full of lakes, waterfalls, rivers and greenery as far as the eye can see. Based at eco-lodges, you’ll be able to take day trips out to see unique aspects of the rainforest  as well as interact with local communities who call the Amazon home. 

For an overview of the landscape, take a cruise on the Amazon River, looking for wildlife along the forested shoreline and in the water itself — you may see manatees and two species of river dolphin. Guided hikes provide the opportunity to spy monkeys, sloths, toucans and countless other species. You can also meet members of the Tiluna ethnic group, who can show you how to make crafts and household objects from the seeds and plants of the forest. For an immersive experience, head off on a four-day trek that’s led by an indigenous hunter. You’ll camp along the way and see a world few ever get to experience.
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See colorful birds like parrots in the Amazon
Colombian Amazon Family Adventure - 5 Days

Discover the magic of the Colombian Amazon on this immersive 5-day family adventure. Starting from the historic capital of Bogotá, you'll fly south to spend three nights at a rustic eco-lodge deep in the jungle. In this haven for nature lovers and curious minds, the whole family will embark on a series of unforgettable activities. Sculpt pottery from the Amazon mud, learn how to listen to the forest on jungle treks, and make new friends on a visit to a nearby indigenous community.

Sunset over the Amazon at Letitia.
Map of Adventure in Colombia's Amazon Region - 7 Days
Adventure in Colombia's Amazon Region - 7 Days

Exploring an area as vast as the Colombian Amazonas might seem daunting, but almost everything that this wild region offers can be experienced in one week from the main town of Leticia. Here’s a 7-day itinerary that stitches together the best wildlife viewing and interactions with indigenous culture, the region’s two principal draws.

Colombia's wild Pacific coast
Map of Colombian Cities and Nature: Bogotá, Amazon, Medellín, and Pacific Coast - 15 Days
Colombian Cities and Nature: Bogotá, Amazon, Medellín, and Pacific Coast - 15 Days

This high-end itinerary covers a great deal of the country's territory, from its main cities to some off-the-beaten-path natural wonders. The adventure begins in Bogotá and its surroundings, then takes you deep into the heart of the mighty Amazon River, where you'll have a series of unforgettable days exploring the jungle via foot, canoe and small boats. Afterwards, you'll fly to Medellín to enjoy the city's history and vibrant modern culture before leaving for the Pacific Coast— a dense rainforest where you'll visit tiny villages and partake in a variety of activities including hiking and soaking in hot springs.

A place for adventure and reflection!
Map of Experience Colombia's Amazon - 4 Days
Experience Colombia's Amazon - 4 Days

This 4-day excursion into the Amazon will give you a taste  of one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world. This itinerary is the perfect introduction to the Amazon as it will bring you down the river, through the rainforest, and into various indigenous communities along the way. Take a boat cruise along the Amazon River, stroll through the eco-friendly village of Puerto Nariño, take a dip in the beautiful waters of Lake Tarapoto, and more.

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