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Ringed by coral reefs, the Rosario Islands make the ideal setting for a tropical getaway. Snorkeling, diving and just relaxing on the sandy beaches lure many visitors from nearby Cartagena. Most come for the day, but to make the most of the island experience (and avoid some of the crowds) you can stay overnight in rustic guesthouses and cabañas on Isla Grande.  

The archipelago, made up of 27 small coral islands and even tinier islets, offers a wide array of waterside activities. You can sail the coastline on a catamaran, work up a sweat on a kayaking excursion or see the reefs up close on a diving or snorkeling tour. You can also take a night swim, snorkeling among bioluminescent plankton. For a different perspective of the islands, sign up for a tour of the mangroves led by local fishermen. 
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Colorful Streets of Getsemaniaera in Cartagena
Discover Cartagena and the Rosario Islands - 6 Days

Explore the colorful city of Cartagena in this family-friendly trip, starting with a guided walking tour through the city's colonial past and its 17th-century fortress, plus a cooking class with a local family. Enjoy a day trip to the white-sand beaches and protected coral reefs of the Rosario Islands, with activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming. End your trip in the town of La Boquilla, where you'll learn traditional fishing techniques from local fishermen and enjoy a seafood lunch based on your daily catch.

Your Caribbean adventure kicks off in luxury on Isla Barú (photo courtesy of Hotel Las Islas)
Map of Luxury Island Hopping in Colombia's Caribbean - 10 Days
Luxury Island Hopping in Colombia's Caribbean - 10 Days

Many know Colombia for its Spanish colonial cities and soaring Andes mountains, but travel to the Caribbean coast, and you'll discover romantic beaches and coral islands. This 10-day luxury voyage takes you island hopping between castaway ecolodges and beachfront resorts, with leisurely days spent snorkeling and sunbathing on white sands. A highlight of the trip is a visit to San Andrés—fast becoming known as one of the Caribbean's hidden island gems.

Panoramic View of Meissen District, Bogotá
Map of Explore Bogotá & Cartagena - 9 Days
Explore Bogotá & Cartagena - 9 Days

This tour of Colombia starts in the bustling capital of Bogotá, where you'll explore its trendy neighborhoods and culinary scene before hiking through the nearby nature reserves of Chicaque and Chingaza. Make your way to the coastal city of Cartagena for walking tours of its walled Old Town, then head to the Rosario Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Relax along the white-sand beaches, try your luck with sports such as snorkeling and kayaking, tour mangrove farms, and view the bioluminescent plankton at night.

Start your journey in Cartagena, "Pearl of the Caribbean"
Explore Colombia: the Caribbean Coast & Zona Cafetera - 12 Days

This laid-back 12-day itinerary takes you through the highlights of Colombia's Caribbean coast, then detours south to explore the heart of the country's lush coffee-growing region. Stroll Cartagena's historic Old Town, swim in the turquoise waters of the Rosario Islands, and discover the pristine beaches of Tayrona National Park. Fly south into the Zona Cafetera for two days visiting coffee farms and hiking amongst giant palms in the Valle de Cocora, then return to Cartagena to end your journey with more culture and cuisine in the "Pearl of the Caribbean."

Discover some of the Amazon's secrets as you spend three nights at Calanoa Lodge in southern Colombia
Map of Colombia Food, Nature & Culture Tour:  Amazon, Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena & Rosario Islands - 14 Days
Colombia Food, Nature & Culture Tour: Amazon, Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena & Rosario Islands - 14 Days

Enjoy Colombia's diverse landscapes and vibrant cities with this well-rounded food and nature-forward itinerary. Hop from the capital, Bogotá, to the heart of the Amazon, where you'll delve deep into the rainforest. Explore culture and history, and go whitewater rafting in Medellín. Then head to the Caribbean coast and taste local rums and flavorful eats in Cartagena, concluding your two weeks with a tropical retreat on the idyllic Rosario Islands.

Experience a variety of beaches along Colombia's Caribbean coast
Map of Colombia's Caribbean Gems: Beaches, Jungles & Indigenous Culture - 16 Days
Colombia's Caribbean Gems: Beaches, Jungles & Indigenous Culture - 16 Days

Explore the sun-kissed beaches and lush jungles of Colombia's Caribbean coast with this 16-day guided itinerary. The adventure starts in vibrant Santa Marta and bohemian Palomino before venturing into the desert-like landscapes of the La Guajira Peninsula. From here, head into the rainforest of Minca and the palm-fringed beaches of Tayrona National Park. Finish with a bike tour and sunset cocktails in Cartagena, not to mention a two-night trip to the nearby Rosario Islands for some beach bliss.

Map of Colombia Jungle & Beaches - 13 Days
Colombia Jungle & Beaches - 13 Days

Travel the length of Colombia, from the Caribbean Sea to the Amazon River, on an epic adventure spanning 13 days. You'll arrive in the capital and visit Bogotá's colonial center, then fly south to embark on excursions deep into the Amazon jungle. Finish the trip with a greatest hits tour of the northern coast that includes Tayrona National Park and yacht trips around the bay of Cartagena.

See the best of Colombia all on one trip!
Map of Highlights of Colombia: Medellín,  Cartagena & Bogotá - 12 Days
Highlights of Colombia: Medellín, Cartagena & Bogotá - 12 Days

Interested in seeing the very best cities and memorable natural scenery in the beautiful country of Colombia? Begin your trip in Medellín, a city nestled in the Andes mountains, and then head to Cartagena, the jewel of the Caribbean, with its colorful and vibrant culture. Enjoy a night at an island escape before topping it all off with a visit to Bogotá, Colombia's cultural and culinary hub.

Medellín, the City of Eternal Spring
Map of Colorful Colombia: Cities, Mountains & Beaches - 15 Days
Colorful Colombia: Cities, Mountains & Beaches - 15 Days

Can't decide whether to explore the beaches and islands of the Caribbean coast, get into the groove of cities like Bogotá, Medellín, and Cartegena, or take in the wonder of the Andes mountains? Over 15 days, you can do it all on this far-reaching tour. You'll get a whirlwind overview of one of South America's most diverse and alluring countries, with plenty of awe-inspiring daily activities along the way. Private guides and easy transfers by car and plane will help make your adventure hassle-free.

A view of the islands of near Cartagena.
Map of Cartagena and Colombia's Islands - 7 Days
Cartagena and Colombia's Islands - 7 Days

Explore some of the best destinations along Colombia's northern coast on this 7-day adventure that combines a fast-paced urban adventure with the relaxing allure of a tropical island retreat. Tour the colorful Caribbean jewel of Cartegena, then head to a personalized island escape where you can recharge. For travelers who can't choose between an active trip and a secluded getaway, this itinerary offers the best of both worlds.

Views over Bogotá from the top of Cerro Monserrate
Quintissential Colombia: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellín & Bogotá - 16 Days

This sweeping 16-day itinerary showcases some of Colombia's most spectacular destinations—with daily tours and excursions to discover the hidden gems in between. Starting on the Caribbean coast, explore colonial Cartagena and the pristine beaches of Tayrona National Park before visiting the lush coffee country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fly to Medellín to experience the "City of Eternal Spring" and its surrounding countryside, then end your journey among the lively markets and cafes of Bogotá.

Discover the incredible biodiversity in Colombia
Colombia Adventure: Cities, Amazon & Lost City Trek - 17 Days

This action-packed 17-day itinerary combines cities and culture with an unforgettable trekking adventure. Tour the capital of Bogotá, then fly south to discover the indigenous communities and extraordinary ecosystems of the Amazon. After two nights in vibrant Medellín, head back into the wilderness for a four-day trek to the ancient ruins of the Lost City, ending your journey in the lively Caribbean city of Cartagena.

San Agustin Sculpture
Map of Authentic Colombia: Cities, Archaeology, & Coffee Country  - 16 Days
Authentic Colombia: Cities, Archaeology, & Coffee Country - 16 Days

During this 16-day tour through Colombia, you’ll visit some of the best-known–and some lesser-known–parts of the country. The trip takes you from the capital, Bogotá, to the Archaeological Region in the southwest. You’ll also head into the coffee-growing region to tour a farm and say in a hacienda. Then, you’ll fly over deep valleys and high Andean mountain peaks to arrive at vibrant Cartagena, one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in South America.

Kids will love discovering the Colombian Amazon and its wildlife
Map of Colombian Nature & Culture for Families: Bogotá, the Amazon, Medellín & Cartagena - 14 Days
Colombian Nature & Culture for Families: Bogotá, the Amazon, Medellín & Cartagena - 14 Days

Adventurous families will love the variety of this two-week tour of Colombia. You'll spend time in the metropolises of Bogotá and Medellín, as well as the vibrant coastal city of Cartagena. But the most exciting part of this family-friendly tour is several days in the Colombian Amazon, at a remote ecolodge reached only by boat. Kids will learn about the importance of environmentalism and sustainable lifestyles firsthand as they raft down rivers, spot monkeys in treetops, and search for pink dolphins.

Other popular travel destinations in Colombia
Caribbean Coast · Cartagena · Bogotá · Medellín · Zona Cafetera (Coffee Region) · Tayrona National Park · Pereira · Salento · The Amazon · Cali · Leticia and Puerto Nariño · Pacific Coast · Tierra Bomba