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Map of Guided Birding Safari in Costa Rica - 12 Days
Guided Birding Safari in Costa Rica - 12 Days

Costa Rica has a couple of things in abundance: exotic locales and exotic birds. On this 12-day ornithological trip, you'll witness various avian species amongst misty cloud forests, lowland rainforest canopies, and even soaring overhead on the Pacific coast. Throw in a bit of hiking, wildlife spotting, and sightseeing in the nation's capital, and you have the ideal active vacation.

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Map of Birding Road Trip in Paradise - 12 Days
Birding Road Trip in Paradise - 12 Days

One of the best places in the Americas to spot the widest variety of exotic birds is Costa Rica. This relatively small nation is home to some 850 species, including colorful motmots, parrots, toucans, and even the rare resplendent quetzal. This 12-day self-drive birding excursion will take you from the Pacific coast to the remote mountains and rainforests for the best  vantage points to witness the most marvelous specimens.

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