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Pyramids of Giza
Map of Luxury Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, & More - 9 Days
Luxury Egypt: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, & More - 9 Days

Experience some of the most popular sites of the ancient world in style on this nine-day Egyptian luxury tour. You'll start off in Cairo, then cruise down the Nile to visit towering temples, elaborate tombs, and other monuments as you travel in style.

Aswan's Temple of Philae
Discover Egypt - 9 Days

Explore Egypt on a luxurious Nile River cruise as you visit Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. Highlights will include visiting the Pyramids of Giza, seeing art and artifacts at the Egyptian Museum, and Karnak Temple in Luxor. As you cruise down The Nile, you will also have time to relax and take in the scenery.

Cruise down the Nile River from Luxor to Aswan
Journey Down the Nile: Cairo, Luxor, Esna, Kom Ombo & Aswan - 9 Days

Cruise deep into the heart of Egypt on this laid-back, 9-day itinerary. After exploring the many charms of Cairo—from the Great Pyramids to bustling Khan El Khalili Bazaar—you'll catch a quick flight south to Luxor to board an unforgettable Nile River cruise towards Aswan. By day you'll discover ancient sites and antiquities, while nights are spent falling asleep to the gentle rhythms of the river.

Tour the Valley of the Kings
Treasures of Egypt: Cairo, Nile Cruise, Luxor & the White Desert - 9 Days

Combine cultural sights with a Nile River cruise and a desert adventure on this 9-day jaunt through Egypt. Start in Cairo to discover the antiquities of the Egyptian Museum and the Great Pyramids, then board a luxurious river cruise to journey up the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. Visit the ancient wonders of Abu Simbel, Edfu, and the Valley of the Kings along the way—then change gears and venture into the breathtaking White Desert for a camping trip under the stars.

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