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Prayer flags at Bodhgaya
Map of Highlights of Buddhist India - 7 Days
Highlights of Buddhist India - 7 Days

Take a spiritual journey through Buddhist India with this itinerary that will take you to some of the most important places in Buddha's life. The birthplace of Buddhism, India is home to some of the religion's most significant sites, including the place of Buddha's enlightenment at Bodhgaya, his first sermon at Sarnath, and last sermon at Vaishali, all easily accessed with a weeklong trip out of Delhi.

North India's Golden Triangle
Map of North India's Golden Triangle - 10 Days
North India's Golden Triangle - 10 Days

The Golden Triangle in North India symbolizes three pinnacles: culture, heritage, and metamorphosis. Your 10-day journey begins in the capital city of New Delhi, where you can learn about both Islamic and Hindu influences. In Agra, which symbolizes love, you will visit the grand wonder that is the Taj Mahal. A trip to Jaipur will reveal the beauty of the Pink City and its textile industry. On the final leg of your trip, you will visit Varanasi, where you will experience the live, iconic rituals along the Ganges, and visit the sacred Buddhist town of Sarnath.

Tiger at Ranthambore National Park
Map of Traditions & Wildlife of the Golden Triangle:  Taj Mahal, Ranthambore, Jaipur, & More - 11 Days
Traditions & Wildlife of the Golden Triangle: Taj Mahal, Ranthambore, Jaipur, & More - 11 Days

Perfect for travelers who would like a bit of nature between city tours, this extensive journey into Rajasthan hits cultural highlights while adding two days in a national park. First, take a walking tour through Delhi before heading off to the home of the Taj Mahal, and enjoy the beauty of Ranthambore National Park before heading on to majestic Jaipur and spiritual Varanasi. You'll explore some of the most intriguing cities in India, immerse yourself in the region's architectural marvels, and see wild tigers.

The grand statue of Buddha in Bodhgaya
In the Buddha’s Footsteps: Spiritual Tour of Northern India & Nepal - 14 Days

Discover the birthplace of Buddhism on this enlightening two-week journey through some of northern India's most important spiritual sites. Setting off from Delhi, you'll boat down the Ganges River in Varanasi, meditate under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, and hop over the Nepalese border to visit the Buddha's birthplace in Lumbini. After touring the markets and sampling the local delicacies of Lucknow, your trip draws to a close with a train ride back to Delhi.

Sunrise over the Taj Mahal in Agra
Highlights of Northern India: Delhi to Kolkata - 12 Days

Immerse yourself in the magic of northern India on this spectacular 12-day cultural tour. Setting out from Delhi, you'll delve into the famed Golden Triangle as you learn to cook with locals in Jaipur, watch the sunrise over the Taj Mahal in Agra, and explore the ancient wonders of Orchha and Khajuraho. After floating down the Ganges in Varanasi and walking in the Buddha's footsteps at Sarnath, continue east to end in the West Bengal capital of Kolkata.

Capture a glimpse of life along Mother Ganga on this trip through northern India
Splendid North India: Golden Triangle, Varanasi & Kolkata - 16 Days

Experience the magic of northern India on this amazing 16-day trip from Delhi to Kolkata. Visit the Golden Triangle and Rajasthan, before following the holy Ganges River as it flows through Uttar Pradesh to Varanasi. From sunrise boat trips to breathtaking sunsets, ancient palaces, religious rituals, historic hotspots, and the chance to visit some of India's most incredible and influential cities, this trip has it all.

Watch the world go by on a boat trip down the holy river Ganges in Varanasi
Map of Highlights of North India: Golden Triangle, Taj Mahal, Varanasi, & More - 10 Days
Highlights of North India: Golden Triangle, Taj Mahal, Varanasi, & More - 10 Days

From tigers to temples, and ancient palaces to bazaars, India is one of the most magical places in the world. This 10-day trip takes you all the way from the bustling capital and the holy city of Varanasi to Rajasthan, where we'll wander in the footsteps of past kings. Top that off with a trip to the Taj Mahal at sunrise and a tiger safari through one of northern India's biggest and most beautiful national parks and you're in for a whirlwind adventure through the heart of this amazing country.

Experience the history and beauty of India from Rajasthan to Varanasi
Best of North India: Golden Triangle, Varanasi, Rajasthan, & Mumbai - 15 Days

With its vivid colors and glittering heritage, fascinating cities, and beautiful countryside from lush green oases to the Thar desert, North India is like nowhere else on earth. This 15-day trip will take you to some of the north's top destinations, including the palaces and temples of Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodphur, the Taj Mahal—the world's most famous monument to love—and one of the holiest cities in the world, Varanasi, before winding up in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.

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