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On the west coast of Lombok, Senggigi is one of the finest seaside getaways on the island. All along the oceanside road of this dispersed resort town, you’ll find clear bays backed by palm-fringed beaches and forested slopes. Most visitors come to unwind on the sands while staying at a well-equipped hotel or luxury villa overlooking the water, though there are also plenty of opportunities to get active. You can go surfing, snorkeling or hiking, and you can also visit the paradise-like islands offshore on a day trip.

On an excursion to Gili Nanggu, you can enjoy the solitude and natural beauty of this crowd-free corner of Lombok while relaxing on a white-sand beach and snorkeling in the coral reefs that encircle the island. Culturally focused trips take you into Sasak communities, with visits to a traditional fishing village, a vibrant market and craft makers’ collective where artisans make ceramics using age-old methods passed down through the generations.
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Mother and son shop for souvenirs in an Ubud market
Map of Bali & Lombok Family Adventure - 7 Days
Bali & Lombok Family Adventure - 7 Days

This weeklong adventure around the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok, featuring a range of outdoor activities, is ideal for families. The itinerary starts in Ubud, where you'll get a taste of the island's rich culture, take a cooking class with a Balinese chef, and hike to a waterfall. Then catch a ferry to Lombok, where you'll base yourself while exploring the pristine waters around the Gili Islands on snorkeling excursions. With a great balance of relaxation and active pursuits, this 7-day trip is ideal for travelers of all ages.

Cool off under waterfalls in the jungle around Tetebatu
Map of Off-the-Beaten-Path Lombok & Secret Gili Islands - 8 Days
Off-the-Beaten-Path Lombok & Secret Gili Islands - 8 Days

This eight-day discovery tour of Lombok and the Secret Gili Islands is perfect for adventure-seekers who are short on time. Immerse yourself in the Sasak culture and wisdom with visits to local villages before exploring the untouched beauty of Bali's lesser-visited neighbor, with trips to secluded waterfalls in the jungle, remote beaches, and quiet, untouristed islands.

Explore all the hidden gems and beautiful beaches of Lombok & Sumbawa
Map of Discover the Hidden Treasures of Lombok & Sumbawa - 20 Days
Discover the Hidden Treasures of Lombok & Sumbawa - 20 Days

Experience the magic of Indonesia on this 3-week trip from Lombok's laidback surf capital of Kuta to uninhabited islands off the coast of Sumbawa. Hike the lush forests around Mount Rinjani, explore the underwater world of the Southern Gili Islands, and customize your adventure with optional activities—like an overnight trek camping on the slopes of an active volcano.

Pink Beach in Komodo national park
Map of Beautiful Beaches of Lombok & Komodo - 5 Days
Beautiful Beaches of Lombok & Komodo - 5 Days

This photogenic 5-day trip takes you to some of Indonesia's best beaches. Spend the first few days exploring the island of Lombok, stopping to learn about Sasak indigenous traditions in a fishing village before going snorkeling in the aquamarine waters off Gili Nanggu. Then you'll jet over to Komodo Island and board a short cruise through Komodo National Park. Island-hopping through the park's island chain, you'll sunbathe on the famed Pink Beach, explore coral reefs on a snorkeling excursion, and spot Komodo dragons in the wild.

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