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Pink Beach in Komodo national park
Beautiful Beaches of Lombok & Komodo - 5 Days

This photogenic 5-day trip takes you to some of Indonesia's best beaches. Spend the first few days exploring the island of Lombok, stopping to learn about Sasak indigenous traditions in a fishing village before going snorkeling in the aquamarine waters off Gili Nanggu. Then you'll jet over to Komodo Island and board a short cruise through Komodo National Park. Island-hopping through the park's island chain, you'll sunbathe on the famed Pink Beach, explore coral reefs on a snorkeling excursion, and spot Komodo dragons in the wild.

Discover the pristine beaches of the Komodo archipelago
Map of Explore Flores & the Komodo Archipelago - 7 Days
Explore Flores & the Komodo Archipelago - 7 Days

From snorkeling with coral sharks to sleeping in a traditional cone-shaped hunt, this weeklong itinerary is full of off-the-beaten-path adventures. You'll explore western Flores and the Komodo Archipelago, accompanied by knowledgeable local guides and rangers. Work your way through rugged terrain to secluded caves and remote villages, overnighting in local homes and breaking bread with locals. Then embark on a three-day boat trip through the Komodo archipelago that features jungle hikes, wildlife-viewing walks, and underwater excursions where you'll have the chance to snorkel with colorful fish.

Your vessel awaits
Map of Hike & Cruise Indonesia: Lombok, Komodo, and Flores - 14 Days
Hike & Cruise Indonesia: Lombok, Komodo, and Flores - 14 Days

Step out of modern life and onto a cruise around the Lesser Sunda Islands. You'll spend two weeks lounging on deserted beaches, visiting wooden stilt-house villages, hiking volcanoes, and more. The best part? You'll be traveling from Lombok to Flores via Sumbawa and the Komodo Archipelago in style, aboard a traditional Indonesian boat.