Discover Indonesia on this well-rounded itinerary, ideal for travelers who want to combine the rich culture and conveniences of Bali with remote, wild Indonesian experiences. Start with several days in Ubud, exploring the temples, palaces, and rice fields. Then fly to Flores and embark on a cruise around the Komodo Archipelago. Trek across Flores for a night in a homestay in remote Wae Rebo and end back in Bali, with a few relaxing days on the beach.


  • Tour the countryside around Ubud in a VW convertible
  • Relish a sunrise after summiting Bali's Mount Batur
  • Cruise around the Komodo National Park and see Komodo dragons
  • Enjoy free time on the beaches of Jimbaran in South Bali

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bali, Transfer to Ubud Ubud
Day 2 Free Day in Ubud Ubud
Day 3 Temples, Rice Terraces & Palaces Tour by Convertible Ubud
Day 4 Cultural Workshops, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Goa Gajah Cave Ubud
Day 5 Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur Ubud
Day 6 Fly to Flores, Begin Komodo Cruise Komodo Island
Day 7 Sunrise Hike, Spot Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park & Snorkel Komodo Island
Day 8 End Cruise, Overland Transfer to Denge Denge
Day 9 Hike to Wae Rebo Village, Night in Homestay Wae Rebo
Day 10 Return to Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo
Day 11 Transfer to Bali, Free Time in Jimbaran Jimbaran
Day 12 Free Day in Jimbaran Jimbaran
Day 13 Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bali, Transfer to Ubud

Welcome to Ubud! The city is full of temples, such as the Lotus Temple

Welcome to Bali! A driver will welcome you at the airport in Denpasar and drive you to your hotel in Ubud, about an hour away. Considered by some to be Bali's spiritual heart, Ubud is surrounded by terraced rice paddies and jungle. Relax amid this verdant landscape and tropical island atmosphere. Depending on your arrival time, spend the rest of the day exploring, having dinner at an outdoor restaurant, and walking through the lively night market. 

Day 2: Free Day in Ubud

Indulge in spa treatments or poolside relaxation in Ubud

After a good night's sleep, spend your first full day exploring as you wish in Ubud. You might want to take it easy after your journey with rejuvenating activities like a massage, spa treatment, or relaxing by your hotel pool.

If you're ready for more active exploration, stroll through town and perhaps visit Ubud's temples, such as Ubud Water Palace or Pura Dalem (Temple of Death), with their intricate stone carvings and serene ponds and fountains. All over Ubud, you'll find small offerings outside temples inviting you to stop and look closer. In the evening, you might like to attend a traditional Balinese dance performance held outside on the grounds of one of the temples.

Day 3: Temples, Rice Terraces & Palaces Tour by Convertible

Visit the Tegallalang Rice Terraces on a tour in a convertible vehicle

Head out into the countryside today on an exciting tour in a vintage VW convertible, a stylish and fun way of getting around. The first stop will be a short walk to see the Tibumana Waterfall, where you can swim in its refreshing waters. The next stop is the 11th-century Gunung Kawi Temple, which translates to "Valley of the Kings." You'll need to walk down many steps to reach the elaborate shrines carved into the cliff face in a deep ravine.

Continue to Pura Tirta Empul ("sacred source"), a water palace in the village of Manukaya. Explore this sacred temple, the water of which is sourced from the Pakerisan River. Balinese Hindus come to the temple to perform purification rituals on special occasions. 

After these rich temples, your guide will take you north to the village of Tegallalang, known for its terraced rice fields cut into the hillside, forming giant steps. Back in Ubud, walk through the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, an incredible forest full of temples, stone carvings, and cheeky monkeys. Watch your sunglasses, backpacks, and anything not attached to you as bands of monkeys roam free and jump between the trees. At the end of the day, visit Ubud's Gianyar Market to sample local street food such as satay grilled meat, lawar (a mixture of meat, vegetables, and coconut), and various rice dishes. 

Day 4: Cultural Workshops, Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Goa Gajah Cave

Kanto Lampo Waterfall is one of Bali's most beautiful

Today you'll learn more about Balinese culture and traditions through immersive, experiential activities. Start the day by seeing how sarongs are made. These garments are important in Bali and reflect historical and religious traditions. Then take a walk along paths through rice fields and plantations and observe how ordinary Balinese farmers live. 

Join a mini cooking class, learning how to grind flour and cook Balinese recipes over a wood fire before attending a workshop to see how Balinese manuscripts are made. Dried palm leaves are cut into strips and transformed into rectangular pages on which Sanskrit texts are written. Learn about the Balinese alphabet, Aksara Bali, and try writing on the sheets, making a nice souvenir to bring home. Finally, you'll prepare some jamu, a traditional plant-based drink known for its health benefits, and your own version of Tiger Balm, a healing ointment for aches and pains. End this morning of learning with a delicious traditional lunch.

Later, head to Kanto Lampo Waterfall, near Gianyar. Stairs lead the way up to four waterfalls, where you can swim in the natural pools surrounded by lush scenery. Continue to the Temple of Goa Gajah, which translates to "cave of the elephant." This religious sanctuary, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reflects a beautiful blend of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. A stone carving of an intimidating character named Boma is found at the temple's entrance. His job isn't to scare the faithful and visitors but to dissuade evil spirits from entering the site.

Day 5: Sunrise Trek to Mount Batur

Sunrise trek to Mount Batur
Climb Mount Batur before sunrise
Rise early, around 3 am, to travel to Mount Batur to begin your ascent before sunrise, climbing to a height of around 5,577 feet (1,700 m) above sea level. The trek will take between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on how fast you walk. Emerge at the top of the volcano in time to watch the sun rise above the clouds. Down below, you may be able to see the outline of Lake Batur and, in the distance, the other volcanoes of Bali: Abang, Agung, and Batukaru. After a well-deserved break watching the sunrise, trek down again to meet your driver, who will be waiting for you. Before returning to Ubud, visit the temple of Pura Ulun Danu Batur, where you can relax in the natural hot springs.

Day 6: Fly to Flores, Begin Komodo Cruise

Fly east to Flores and begin your cruise around Komodo National Park

Say goodbye to Bali (for now) as you fly one hour east to the island of Flores. A driver will meet you at the airport in Labuan Bajo and take you to the port, where you'll board your vessel and begin your cruise around the stunning Komodo Archipelago. This area is part of Komodo National Park, a UNESCO-listed natural wonder that encompasses islands home to around 5,000 Komodo monitor lizards, also known as Komodo dragons. The national park is the only place where these fascinating creatures exist. Spend the rest of the day sailing between islands, stopping to snorkel if you choose.

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Day 7: Sunrise Hike, Spot Komodo Dragons in Komodo National Park & Snorkel

A highlight will be seeing Komodo dragons in their natural environment

Today starts with a sunrise hike to the summit of Padar Island for dramatic views over the archipelago. After breakfast on the boat, embark upon a guided trek in Komodo National Park. If there's one thing Komodo Island is known for, it's Komodo dragons. Your guide will look out for these large reptiles along the way, describing how they hunt with their long tails, fangs, and toxic saliva. These dinosaurlike animals can reach up to 10 feet (3 m) long, making them the largest lizards in the world. 

After your walk, cruise into a crystal-clear bay where you'll drop anchor for a lavish lunch spread. Spend the afternoon at your next snorkeling spot, Manta Ray Alley, in the southern part of Komodo National Park. This sandy-bottomed area acts as a cleaning station for elegant manta rays, which you can swim alongside.

Day 8: End Cruise, Overland Transfer to Denge

Finish your cruise around Komodo

Say goodbye to your captain and crew this morning. You'll sail back to the port at Labuan Bajo, where you'll be picked up and driven 3-4 hours through the heart of Flores Island, with its traditional villages and lush rice fields. Stop for the night in the town of Denge.

Day 9: Hike to Wae Rebo Village, Night in Homestay

Houses in Wae Rebo
Admire the traditional houses of Wae Rebo

Wake early this morning to start the hike from Denge to Wae Rebo, a trek of between four and six hours. Upon arrival at this remote mountain village, you'll be met by your friendly local host, who will welcome you into her home. You'll spend the night in basic homestay accommodation, which is a great way to see how people live in this part of Indonesia.

Wae Rebo is a traditional place, mostly untouched by technology, where people live in round huts that signify the unity of their village. These distinctive, conical mbaru niang houses are surrounded by hillsides and dense forests, nestled in the heart of a biodiverse paradise. Listen to the birdsong and look out for beautiful little orchids in the surrounding forest.

Day 10: Return to Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo port during the day
Enjoy a seafood dinner back in Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, say goodbye to your homestay hosts and head back to Labuan Bajo with your private driver. Admire the scenery along the way, as the landscape in this part of Flores is renowned for its beauty. You'll see rice fields and drive through traditional villages, where local people will greet you with a wave. After arriving in Labuan Bajo, check into your hotel and have the rest of the day at leisure. You might want to visit the SO Bajo Night Market in the evening to enjoy a seafood dinner.

Day 11: Transfer to Bali, Free Time in Jimbaran

Return to Bali and hang out in beautiful Jimbaran

Fly back to Bali today, then travel from the airport in Denpasar to Jimbaran, a coastal resort town in the south of the island. You can spend the rest of the day at your leisure, enjoying the beach. The waters here are calm and suitable for swimming, and there are many seafood restaurants along the shore.

Day 12: Free Day in Jimbaran

Enjoy a free day in Jimbaran, dining with a view of the beach

Enjoy another day at your leisure today. You might want to stick to your own beach in Jimbaran or check out the beautiful surrounding beaches like Padang Padang, Balangan, or Thomas Beach. As tonight will be your last evening in Indonesia, indulge in a special meal at a restaurant overlooking the beach.

Day 13: Depart

Farewell, beautiful Bali!

You may have time for some last-minute souvenir shopping this morning or to have a final swim in the pool or walk on the beach before your driver picks you up and takes you to the airport in Denpasar, good time for your flight. Selamat tinggal!

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Map of Culture, Dragons & Beaches: Bali, Komodo Cruise & Wae Rebo Homestay - 13 Days
Map of Culture, Dragons & Beaches: Bali, Komodo Cruise & Wae Rebo Homestay - 13 Days