Come face to face with Indonesia's smoldering volcanoes and Komodo dragons on this epic six-day tour. The adventure begins in east Java, where you'll hike to the summit of Mount Bromo and discover Mount Ijen's acid lakes and blue sulphuric flames. Make a pit stop in idyllic Bali before cruising around Komodo National Park, a UNESCO-listed gem where you'll enjoy Komodo dragon sightings and snorkel with manta rays.


  • Take a sunrise trek to mighty Mount Bromo
  • Discover Mount Ijen's acid lakes and blue sulfur flames
  • Relax in Ubud, Bali's bohemian heart
  • Cruise around the UNESCO-listed Komodo archipelago
  • Spot Komodo dragons and swim with manta rays

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Yogyakarta, Travel to Mount Bromo Mount Bromo, East Java
Day 2 Sunrise Trek to Mount Bromo, Transfer to Banyuwangi Ijen, East Java
Day 3 Mount Ijen Trek, Ferry to Bali Ubud, Bali
Day 4 Fly to Flores, Komodo Archipelago Cruise & Snorkel Komodo Island
Day 5 Padar Island Hike, Manta Ray Alley Snorkel Komodo Island
Day 6 Morning Cruise, Transfer to Labuan Bajo & Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Yogyakarta, Transfer to Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo sunrise
Sunrise over Mount Bromo

Welcome to Indonesia! Upon arrival, your driver will take you to Yogyakarta train station for the four-hour journey to Jombang in eastern Java. When you arrive, you'll transfer straight to your hotel, which lies at the foot of Mount Bromo. This active volcano's name was derived from the Javanese word for Brahma, the Hindu creation god, and is one of east Java's most-visited sites. 

The rest of the day is yours to enjoy. Settle into your hotel to unwind before tomorrow's hike, or head out to explore Jombang. You'll find plenty of warungs, small restaurants where you can taste signature Indonesian cuisine such as nasi goreng, a fried rice dish topped with an egg. 

Day 2: Sunrise Trek to Mount Bromo, Transfer to Banyuwangi

Hike to Bromo's summit

It's an early start today as you wake before dawn for your Mount Bromo adventure. You'll set off by Jeep to the top of Mount Penanjakan, which looks over the Sea of Sand Crater, home to five volcanoes, including Mount Bromo. Watch the early-morning mist evaporate to reveal panoramic views of the sun rising over Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which stretches over 300 square miles (800 sq km).

Afterward, climb back into your Jeep and descend to the Sea of Sand Crater for a different perspective of this lunar-like landscape. This is the base for your hike up Mount Bromo, which soars 7,641 feet (2,329 m) above sea level. When you reach the summit, look down into Bromo's smoking caldera before heading to King Kong Hill for more spectacular views.

Your trip continues with a four-hour drive to Banyuwangi. Lapped by the Indian Ocean, this city lies in the far east of Java and is a surfing hotspot and jumping-off point for excursions to Mount Ijen, also known as Kawah Ijen (Lonely Crater). Check into your hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing, ready for another early start to climb Ijen in the morning.

Day 3: Mount Ijen Trek, Ferry to Bali

Explore Mount Ijen's sulfur lake

Set out before sunrise with your guide to discover Mount Ijen, a sulfur-mining site famed for its dancing blue flames and acid crater lake, the largest in the world. While climbing Mount Ijen, you'll see sulfur miners carrying baskets of yellow crystals, which they extract from the edge of the lake. The steep, three-hour hike takes you through the forest and past the milky-green lake. At the top, marvel at blue flames leaping from the crater, formed by burning volcanic gases and molten sulfur. Ijen is the only place where this otherworldly phenomenon occurs naturally. Your guide will give you a mask to protect you from sulfuric gas.

After the trek, head to Banyuwangi Port to catch the ferry to Bali, which takes around 45 minutes. The most famous of Indonesia's 17,000 islands, Bali is loved for its surf-friendly beaches, lush rice paddies, towering volcanoes, and traditional temples. You'll transfer directly to Ubud in the cooler upland plains of the island.

Ubud is a bohemian town known for its Balinese culture, from temple ceremonies to dance displays and exquisite handicrafts. Explore the jungly streets and enjoy dinner with views of the surrounding rice paddies. Ubud is a great place to try typical Balinese dishes, such as babi guling (roast suckling pig). 

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Day 4: Fly to Flores, Komodo Archipelago Cruise & Snorkel

Cruise Komodo National Park

This morning, fly one hour east to the island of Flores. A driver will meet you at Labuan Bajo Airport and take you to the port for your cruise around the stunning Komodo Archipelago. This area is part of Komodo National Park, a UNESCO-listed natural wonder that encompasses islands home to around 5,000 Komodo monitor lizards, also known as Komodo dragons. The national park is the only place where these fascinating creatures exist.

Meet your crew and settle into your cabin while the chef prepares lunch. Your captain will lift anchor and sail through the clear, topaz waters. Stop to snorkel and take in the area's world-famous coral reefs, which teem with colorful marine life. The crew will provide flippers, masks, and snorkels for the trip. Return to the boat for dinner and a relaxing evening on board. 

Day 5: Padar Island Hike, Manta Ray Alley Snorkel

Komodo Dragon
Spot dinosaur-like Komodo dragons

Today starts with a sunrise hike to the summit of Padar Island for dramatic views over the archipelago. After breakfast on the boat, embark upon a guided trek in Komodo National Park. Your guide will look out for Komodo dragons along the way, describing how they hunt with their long tails, fangs, and toxic saliva. These dinosaur-like animals can reach up to 10 feet (3 m) long, making them the world's largest lizards. 

After your walk, cruise into a crystal-clear bay where you'll drop anchor for a lavish lunch spread. Spend the afternoon at your next snorkeling spot, Manta Ray Alley, in the southern part of Komodo National Park. This sandy-bottomed area acts as a cleaning station for elegant manta rays, which you can swim alongside.

Day 6: Morning Cruise, Transfer to Labuan Bajo & Depart

Enjoy panoramic views of Komodo National Park

Savor your final day cruising around Komodo National Park. Soak up views of the never-ending sea, looking out for aquatic birds and marine life. Depending on the boating program, you'll have a chance to snorkel or stop on tiny islands where you can hike to sweeping lookout points. Sail back to the port late afternoon, where a driver will be waiting to transfer you to Labuan Bajo for your onward flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Indonesia's Volcanoes & Dragons: Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Bali & Komodo – 6 Days
Map of Indonesia's Volcanoes & Dragons: Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Bali & Komodo – 6 Days