This six-day expedition offer a unique experience where you'll paddle your sea kayak to some of Indonesia's more remote beaches. You'll drift over magnificent coral reefs, access little-visited coves, and visit the only islands on Earth still inhabited by dragons, the famous Komodo dragon.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara) Labuan Bajo
Day 2 Kayak to Sebayor & Siaba Islands Support Boat
Day 3 Paddle, Snorkel & Explore Makassar Reef & Pink Beach, Hike on Padar Island Support Boat
Day 4 Guided Rinca Island & Komodo Tour, Optional Kelor Beach or Kayak Flores Labuan Bajo
Day 5 Explore Inland Flores: Trek Mbelilling, Visit Todo Village & Waterfall Labuan Bajo
Day 6 Depart Labuan Bajo  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo (East Nusa Tenggara)

Departing from Bali airport, you'll fly east across the archipelago to Komodo Airport in the town of Labuan Bajo to meet your guide and transfer to your hotel. Here you'll have a chance to check your equipment and go over the planned itinerary. Following registration, take the evening to explore the town before your guide takes you to a local restaurant for dinner with a sunset view overlooking the Komodo National Park.

Day 2: Kayak to Sebayor & Siaba Islands

After breakfast, you'll head to Labuan Bajo Harbour to board your kayak and then head out onto the Savu Sea. Your first stop is Sebayor Island, with its pretty beaches and mangroves. The reefs are shallow, and the currents are minimal; the morning's light paddling allows for a relaxing start. You'll likely encounter turtles and many diverse reef fish and have a chance to do a little snorkeling.

Next, you'll proceed to Mangiatan Island to paddle along the lovely coastline of sandy beaches and mangroves, stopping for a little lunch and also to find a small "jellyfish lake" where you'll snorkel with dozens of harmless jellyfish. After lunch and snorkeling, head to Siaba Island, where you'll kayak until early evening among the secluded beaches and reefs. Enjoy the setting sun from your craft, followed by dinner before you retire for the evening on the Kakay support boat.

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Day 3: Paddle, Snorkel & Explore Makassar Reef & Pink Beach, Hike on Padar Island

See manta rays in the wild at Makassar Reef

Enjoy an early, hearty breakfast shortly after daybreak and set off to explore the underwater ridges of Makassar Reef, where the manta rays congregate at cleaning stations for feeding and mating. You'll then head to "Pink Beach" to paddle, snorkel, explore, have lunch and head south toward Padar Island. On the support boat, you'll cross one of the deepest channels in the region and then climb to the best viewpoint of the Komodo National Park. From here, amazing photographs can be taken before returning to the boat for another evening on board.

Day 4: Guided Rinca Island & Komodo Tour, Optional Kelor Beach or Kayak Flores

Enjoy breakfast on the boat as you head toward Rinca Island to paddle to the Rangers Office on Rinca. From there, you'll go on a two-hour trek around the island, seeking out the Komodo dragon in its native habitat. There are many other animals to be seen, including water buffalo, deer, and monkeys—all prey of the dragon.

Trained local rangers will lead you on a trail of the island, detailing the ecosystem, the mammal's habits, and the life of other inhabitants on the island. After you'll have lunch and then head back toward Flores Island. Depending on your interests this afternoon, you can opt to visit the small island of Kelor for another viewpoint and some beach time or paddle the Flores' coastline with its remote villages and isolated coves. 

Day 5: Explore Inland Flores: Trek Mbelilling, Visit Todo Village & Waterfall

After breakfast, you'll head inland to explore Flores. Driving through the rice fields around Labuan Bajo, you'll start to wind your way up the side of Mbelilling mountain. At 1,640 feet (500 m), you'll already feel the change in the climate; it's a very different ecosystem that exists at these elevations, as well as culture.

Crossing the hills, stop in a small village to see the traditional Sopi-making process (palm wine). Then you'll venture down the eastern slopes to a small community project in Todo Village which showcases local foods and their traditional wares. Turning off the main road, you again wind your way through small villages to the scenic Cunca Rami. A short trek alongside local farms takes you to an idyllic waterfall nestled among terraced rice fields. You'll return to your hotel in time for sunset.

Day 6: Depart Labuan Bajo

Enjoy a relaxed morning in Labuan Bajo. Cafés, local markets, and shopping for traditional weavings are possible before your early afternoon flight. Your guide will escort you to the airport and assist with your departure. Farewell for now!

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Map of Komodo National Park Kayak Expedition - 6 Days
Map of Komodo National Park Kayak Expedition - 6 Days

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