With only six days to spend in Indonesia, you can still cover a number of islands or provinces, like on this classic route from East Java to Bali to Komodo Island. Or, rise early and cover Java's highlights, including iconic Mount Bromo and Borobudur temple. Seeking adventures in nature? See orangutans in the Sumatran jungles or kayak Komodo National Park and spot the famed dragon. Lastly, meet the ethnic groups of South Sulawesi and venture to lesser-touristed sites in Tana Toraja.

Itinerary #1: Indonesia's Volcanoes & Dragons: Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Bali & Komodo

Perfect for nature lovers and active travelers, this six-day itinerary touches three of Indonesia's islands: Java, Bali, and Flores. You'll hike to smoldering volcanoes, like the iconic Mount Bromo and gaze upon Mount Ijen's acid lake, see Komodo dragons, and snorkel with manta rays, starting in east Java and ending in Komodo National Park with an overnight in Bali. 

mount bromo
Aerial view of East Java's iconic Mount Bromo
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Yogyakarta, Travel to Mount Bromo Mount Bromo, East Java
Day 2 Sunrise Trek to Mount Bromo, Transfer to Banyuwangi Ijen, East Java
Day 3 Mount Ijen Trek, Ferry to Bali Ubud, Bali
Day 4 Fly to Flores, Komodo Archipelago Cruise & Snorkel Komodo Island
Day 5 Padar Island Hike, Manta Ray Alley Snorkel Komodo Island
Day 6 Morning Cruise, Transfer to Labuan Bajo & Depart  

Welcome to Indonesia! Upon arrival, your driver will take you to the Yogyakarta train station to Jombang in eastern Java. When you arrive, you'll transfer straight to your hotel, which lies at the foot of Mount Bromo. Head out to explore Jombang and find plenty of warungs, small restaurants where you can taste signature Indonesian cuisine such as nasi goreng, a fried rice dish topped with an egg. Start Day 2 before dawn to begin your Mount Bromo adventure and set off by Jeep to the top of Mount Penanjakan, which looks over the Sea of Sand Crater, home to five volcanoes, including Mount Bromo. 

On Day 3, set out before sunrise to discover Mount Ijen, famed for its blue flames and acid crater lake, the largest in the world. After the trek, head to Banyuwangi Port to catch the ferry to Bali. Transfer directly to Ubud, a bohemian town known for its culture, from temple ceremonies to dance displays and handicrafts. Take a flight to Flores to spend Day 4 with a cruise around the Komodo Archipelago, part of Komodo National Park, home to around 5,000 Komodo monitor lizards. Hike Padar Island's summit for archipelago views before snorkeling alongside the winged creatures in Manta Ray Alley. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Highlights of Java

See the highlights of Central and East Java provinces, plus the famed Yogyakarta region, on this well-rounded trip to Indonesia's island of Java. You'll see Taman Sari ("Water Castle") in Yogyakarta, take in a sunrise over the epic Borobudur temple complex, as well as climb Mount Ijen, and check out Mount Bromo. 

Sunrise at Borobudur Temple
Sunrise at Borobudur Temple
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ubud, Ferry to Mount Ijen Mount Ijen
Day 2 Mount Ijen Sunrise Trek, Transfer to Mount Bromo  Mount Bromo
Day 3 Mount Penanjakan Ascent & Mount Bromo Sunrise, Train to Yogyakarta Yogyakarta
Day 4 Explore Yogyakarta  Yogyakarta
Day 5 Transfer to Borobudur via Candran & Giriloyo Borobudur
Day 6 Borobudur Sunrise Tour, Candirejo Village & Selogriyo Temple, Depart  

Upon reaching the Banyuwangi region in East Java, you'll spend the night at the foot of Mount Ijen to rise before dawn on Day 2 and summit the volcanic crater. You'll then head to Mount Bromo and ride a Jeep early next day to Mount Penanjakan for another sunrise, this time over the Bromo and Semeru volcanoes. On Day 4, drive to Jombang and board a train to Yogyakarta in Central Java. See the Indonesian countryside as you pass through Javan villages. Take a tour of the sultan's royal palace, the Kraton, and stop by the Taman Sari Water Castle, the sultan's royal garden oasis.

Head for the countryside on Day 5 with a visit to Candran for idyllic views of rice paddies and local farmland. Learn how to make traditional batik fabric in Giriloyo before heading to your hotel near Borobudur, the world's largest—and very scenic—Buddhist temple, about an hour from Yogyakarta. Conclude your trip on Day 6 with a sunrise visit to Borobudur, a charming horse-drawn carriage tour of Candirlejo, a small village. Before transferring to the airport, drive to Mount Sumbing for a short walk and visit Selogriyo, an eighth-century Hindu temple. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Orangutans & Elephants: Discover Indonesia's Sumatra Jungle

If you're interested in seeing orangutans and elephants in nature, this six-day itinerary is sure to impress. From Indonesia's capital, you'll transfer to the island of Sumatra for a few days in the jungles of Bohorok, home to the famous Gunung Leuser National Park and important orangutan conservation. Then you're off to North Sumatra to check out the Tangkahan elephants.

Bohorok River
Bohorok River
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Jakarta Jakarta
Day 2 Transfer to Bohorok Bohorok
Day 3 Meet the Orangutans Bohorok
Day 4 Explore the Sumatra Jungle by 4WD, Transfer to Tangkahan Tangkahan, North Sumatra
Day 5 Meet the Tangkahan Elephants Tangkahan, North Sumatra
Day 6 Transfer to Medan & Depart  

Welcome to Jakarta, the capital and largest city in Indonesia and a cultural melting pot. After checking in at your hotel, take a stroll through the historic center of Kota Tua, watch the old wooden boats in the harbor at Sunda Kelapa, and sample street food in the Chinatown-like district of Glodok. On Day 2, you'll catch a two-hour flight to Medan and then head northwest by car for about five hours to reach Bohorok, where an orangutan center houses semi-wild orangutans inside the Gunung Leuser National Park. With a park ranger, you'll trek through the Sumatran rainforest the next day to meet a famous orangutan or three.

Wake up on Day 4 in Bohorok and take a 4WD excursion through local villages before arriving at Tangkahan, on the border of Gunung Leuser. Start Day 5 early with a visit to the Elephant Center, where you'll get to help the mahouts (elephant handlers) wash the elephants in the Batang Serangan River. Spend the rest of your day exploring, perhaps enjoying a float down the river, a hot spring soak, and a splash under waterfalls. On Day 6, you'll check out early for your journey to the Medan airport to fly back to Jakarta for your onward travels. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Komodo National Park Kayak Expedition 

Venture off the beaten path with this six-day kayak expedition of Komodo National Park: snorkel in the Makassar Reef, swim at Pink Beach, and hike on Padar Island. Visit the only islands in the world still inhabited by the famous Komodo dragons. Island-hop through Labuan Bajo and Siaba, sleep under the stars, and explore the Coral Triangle.

Kayak the Komodo Archipelago
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo Labuan Bajo
Day 2 Kayak to Sebayor & Siaba Islands Support Boat
Day 3 Paddle, Snorkel & Explore Makassar Reef & Pink Beach, Hike on Padar Island Support Boat
Day 4 Guided Rinca Island & Komodo Tour, Optional Kelor Beach or Kayak Flores Labuan Bajo
Day 5 Explore Inland Flores: Trek Mbelilling, Visit Todo Village & Waterfall  
Day 6 Depart Labuan Bajo  

Leave Bali behind for the island east to Komodo Airport in the town of Labuan Bajo. Take a free evening and enjoy dinner with views of the Komodo National Park. On Day 2, Head to Labuan Bajo Harbour to board your kayak and head into the Savu Sea, making a top on Sebayor Island's pristine beaches. Later, visit Mangiatan Island to enjoy lunch and snorkel amid dozens of harmless jellyfish in "jellyfish lake." Head to Siaba Island to enjoy secluded beaches and reefs. After a night in your beach cabin, start Day 3 at the underwater ridges of Makassar Reef, filled with manta rays, then head to Pink Beach to paddle and snorkel.

Enjoy breakfast on the boat and head to Rinca Island on Day 4. Paddle to the Rangers Office before your two-hour trek around the island, keeping an eye out for the giant lizards. Head back to Flores to explore the coastline and drive through rice fields, making your way up to Mbelilling mountain the next day. Stop in a village to see the traditional Sopi-making process. Visit Todo Village to learn about local foods and trek to the scenic Cunca Rami to admire its idyllic waterfall. Catch your last sunset at the hotel before you depart Labuan Bajo on Day 6, where your guide will transfer you to the airport. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Wander South Sulawesi: Rituals & Traditions of Indonesia

This six-day itinerary takes you through Indonesia's Tana Toraja region, home to the traditions and rituals of the Toraja ethnic group. A great fit for travelers looking to explore Indonesia's history and the mountainous region of South Sulawesi, this itinerary is packed with scenic journeys from Makassar and through coastlines, mountains, and thick forests. Visit the Cliffs of Lemo and explore the villages of Ke'te and Palawa before hiking among rice and bamboo fields.

Rice fields near Rantepao
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Jakarta Jakarta
Day 2 Transfer to Tana Toraja via Makassar Tana Toraja
Day 3 Visit Lemo Cliffs, Londa Burial Caves & Suaya Tana Toraja
Day 4 Explore the Villages of Ke'te Kesu & Palawa  Tana Toraja
Day 5 Visit Sa'dan, Hike to Lempo & Tikala Tana Toraja
Day 6 Transfer to Jakarta via Makassar & Depart  

Beginning in Jakarta, take a stroll through Kota Tua's historic center, visit the old wooden boats in Sunda Kelapa, and try street food in Glodok. You'll board a flight to Makassar the next day and head eight hours north for Toraja in South Sulawesi. The drive will lead you along the coast through the plains and the Bugis villages. Turn inland to follow the Sa Dan River and enter the forest, where you'll spot tongkonan (traditional) houses with roofs shaped like buffalo horns. Arrive in Rantepao, the base for the rest of your trip, and check in at your hotel in Ke'te Kesu.

Start Day 3 with a trip to the cliffs of Lemo to enter the Londa burial caves and visit the royal family burial site before a short walk to Tampangg'alo, another fascinating Toraja site. The next day, you'll check out Rantepao's colorful market and the tongkonan structures in Ke'te Kesu and Palawa. Then you're off to Indonesia's version of Stonehenge, Bori' Kalimbuang. Head to Tinimbayo on Day 5, and hike to Lempo for views of rice field terraces, followed by a coffee break with a view of Mount Buttukabobong en route to Makassar for your flight to Jakarta and beyond. Learn more

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Map of 6 Days in Indonesia - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 6 Days in Indonesia - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas