Hike, swim, cycle, and snorkel around two of Indonesia's islands, Bali and Nusa Penida, on this active 10-day itinerary! You'll start on Bali with walks through rice paddies and temples, a bicycle tour, hikes into a volcanic caldera, a sunrise trek to a mountaintop, and a thrilling whitewater rafting trip down the Telaga Waja River. Then catch a boat out to Nusa Penida for three days of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach.


  • Trek up Mount Batur volcano at sunrise
  • Snorkel with manta rays on Nusa Penida
  • Experience Balinese culture on guided walks
  • Raft through the rainforest on the Telaga Waja River
  • Cycle to a volcano and walk around ancient lava fields

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bali Sanur, Bali
Day 2 Explore Ubud Ubud, Bali
Day 3 Cycle to Kintamani Kintamani, Bali
Day 4 Climb Mount Batur Amed, Bali
Day 5 Discover the Village of Tulamben Amed, Bali
Day 6 Relax on a White Sand Beach Candidasa, Bali
Day 7 Boat to Nusa Penida Nusa Penida
Day 8 Cruise Around Manta Point & Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
Day 9 Explore an Underwater Reef Sanur, Bali
Day 10 Depart Sanur - End of Trip  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Bali

Sukawati Market in Sanur

Welcome to Indonesia! You'll start the trip in Sanur, Bali. After settling in at your hotel, visit Sukawati Market, a popular Balinese marketplace where you can buy textiles, baskets, artwork, and food in a friendly atmosphere. Then go for a walk on Sanur's sandy beaches and go for a seafood meal, prepared Indonesian-style, on your first night of the trip. 

Day 2: Explore Ubud

In the rice paddies
Walking around the rice paddies near Ubud

During this morning's drive to Ubud, you'll enjoy views of the island's twisting roads, quaint villages, and terraced rice fields. Take a break for a walk through the rice paddies, then climb up the steps of the Gunung Kawi Mausoleum, the ancient tomb of the last king of the Udayana dynasty. Once you arrive in Ubud and check in at your hotel, you'll have the rest of the day and evening free to relax. Explore the town's boutiques and cafés, take a yoga class, visit Ubud Palace, or learn about Balinese art at the excellent Agung Rai Museum of Art or the Neka Art Museum. Wander through Ubud Monkey Forest to see three historic temples and a native population of Balinese macaques — keep your distance and avoid direct eye contact, as the monkeys can get aggressive! Finish the day with a traditional Indonesian meal. Dishes to try include bebek goreng (crispy duck) and satays of grilled beef, chicken, or shrimp.

Day 3: Cycle to Kintamani

Within the caldera
Cycling around the Mount Batur caldera

Today you'll embark on a cycling tour around Mount Batur. Enjoy easy flat sections and a few downhill stretches as you pedal past rice fields and Balinese villages. Stop for lunch, then continue north to the small town of Kintamani. From there, you'll embark on a downhill trek into the caldera of the neighboring volcano. At the bottom, spend some time walking around ancient black lava fields before you return to Kintamani for the evening.

Day 4: Climb Mount Batur

Make a splash
Rafting on Telaga Waja River

Early in the morning, you'll begin the journey to the top of Mount Batur. Start the ascent before dawn and climb to the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise. Down below, you'll be able to see the outline of Lake Batur. In the distance, you'll spot the other volcanoes of Bali: Abang, Agung, and Batukaru. Later, head south to the Telaga Waja River, where you'll go whitewater rafting through the rainforest, checking out waterfalls on the way. You'll overnight in Amed, a fishing village.

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Day 5: Discover the Village of Tulamben

Off the beach
Turquoise waters off Bali's northeast coast

Spend your day exploring Tulamben, another fishing village on Bali's northeast coast. The waters offshore are home to a famous dive site — an introductory scuba diving class is available. Divers often visit the wreck of a US Army ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in World War II. Or just enjoy beautiful Jemeluk Bay and laid-back village life. You'll head back to Amed later in the day and have the evening free to relax and sample fresh seafood.

Day 6: Relax on a White Sand Beach

Resident star
A sea star under the waves in Bali

Get up early to fit in in a snorkeling session before the trip continues south. You'll stop to relax and sunbathe on a white sand beach — a contrast to the black sand on many of Bali's other beaches — then continue to Candidasa. You'll have the evening free to settle in. The seaside town is a popular base for treks and outdoor excursions, including snorkeling. Walk over to the Candi Dasa Lagoon, a freshwater lagoon, and have dinner at one of the many restaurants in town. 

Day 7: Boat to Nusa Penida

Take in the views
Dramatic scenery on Nusa Penida

Today you'll spend a full day discovering the highlights and hidden treasures of the island of Nusa Penida. You'll start at Kelingking Beach, located in the village of Bunga Mekar on the island's southwestern coast. The area is famous for its dramatic cliffs. Then you'll head to Broken Beach, where a stunning natural stone archway towers over the water. No visit to the island of Nusa Penida would be complete without climbing the 800+ steps to the hidden waterfalls of Peguyangan. Along the journey, enjoy incredibly scenic roads and several breaks to try local snacks. Then get some rest at your hotel on the island.

Day 8: Cruise Around Manta Point & Atuh Beach

See the rays
Snorkeling near Manta Point

On today's excursion, you'll discover the natural beauty off the coastline of Nusa Penida. After breakfast at your hotel, ride to the harbor to meet with the boat captain and snorkeling crew. You'll receive a briefing of the day's activities, including safety precautions. Then head out to sea to snorkel at some of the most beautiful areas around the island. Keep your eyes open for manta rays at Manta Point, then snorkel over the coral gardens of Garnat Bay. Transfer to the other side of the island for a trek to secluded Atuh Beach and its cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Day 9: Explore an Underwater Reef

Checking out the reef
Exploring the reef

Get in one last snorkeling session this morning on the island's northern reefs. Then catch a boat back to Sanur on Bali. The last night of the trip is yours to enjoy. Go for a stroll on the beach, shop for handicrafts in the local marketplace, dine on Indonesian food — and don't miss the beautiful island sunset!

Day 10: Depart Sanur 

Looking down at Bali from the plane

The trip comes to an end today. Transfer to the airport to catch a flight out. Safe travels!

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Map of Outdoor Adventure in Bali & Nusa Penida - 10 Days
Map of Outdoor Adventure in Bali & Nusa Penida - 10 Days