Escape to paradise on this 10-day sailing trip through Indonesia's Raja Ampat Archipelago. Cruise through the pristine seas of West Papua on a traditional wooden sailboat, anchoring each night at undiscovered islands and secret coves. Climb lush island peaks, relax on white-sand beaches, and snorkel through crystal clear waters as you discover some of the most diverse marine life on earth.


  • Sail the Raja Ampat Archipelago on a traditional wooden yacht
  • Snorkel through pristine underwater worlds
  • Marvel at sharks, rays, turtles, and tropical fish
  • Explore local villages, and hike to island mountains
  • Tour an Indonesian pearl farm

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Sorong & Set Sail in the Raja Ampat Archipelago Yenbuba
Day 2 Explore Yenbuba Bay & Sail Toward the Wayag Archipelago Wayag
Day 3 Hike Mount Pindito, Snorkel & Paddle the Wayag Archipelago Wayag
Day 4 Sail Towards Kawe Island Kawe Island
Day 5 Pearl Farm Tour & Sail to Maniafun Island Maniafun Island
Day 6 Sail to Penemu & Yangello Islands Yangello Island
Day 7 Boat to Arborek & Mioskon Islands Mioskon Island
Day 8 Snorkel in the Dampier Strait & Sail to Friwen Island Friwen Island
Day 9 Jungle Hike & Beach BBQ at Friwen Island Friwen Island
Day 10 Depart Raja Ampat, End of Trip  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Sorong & Set Sail in the Raja Ampat Archipelago

Set sail towards Kri Island
Set sail to Kri Island

Welcome to West Papua! Upon arrival at Sorong Airport, the gateway to the Raja Ampat Archipelago, you will be greeted and driven to the port. You'll board the ship, a beautiful 30-foot traditional wooden schooner, and meet your crew, getting settled into your cabin. Then it's time to cast off toward the island of Kri, east of the island of Mansuar. At the end of the day, you'll drop anchor in Yenbuba Bay, where you can take a swim in crystal clear waters surrounded by tropical forests, or go for a stroll around the village.                    

Day 2: Explore Yenbuba Bay & Sail Toward the Wayag Archipelago

Snorkel among the coral of Raja Ampat
Snorkel among the magnificent coral of Raja Ampat

This morning, enjoy your first sunrise at sea over Yenbuba Bay, then spend some time relaxing on the idyllic Yenbuba Beach. The waters of Cape Kri reveal one of the most diverse underwater landscapes in Raja Ampat, and today you'll have multiple opportunities to snorkel among the turtles, colorful fish, and magnificent corals. At the end of the day, visit the village where many encounters await you. After a glorious sunset, return to the boat and set sail toward the Wayag Archipelago.                    

Day 3: Hike Mount Pindito, Snorkel & Paddle the Wayag Archipelago

Exploring the Wayag Archipelago

This morning you'll wake up in the heart of the Wayag Archipelago, characterized by turquoise blue atolls and emerald-green karst mountains that make this one of the most beautiful spots in Raja Ampat. The archipelago consists of more than 600 islands and is home to the greatest underwater diversity in the world. Hike to the top of Mount Pindito, which offers a spectacular panorama, then spend the afternoon kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or snorkeling. In the evening, you'll drop anchor and spend the night on a lagoon.                    

Day 4: Sail Toward Kawe Island

Look for manta rays as you snorkel today
A manta ray in the sea

At dawn, you leave the Wayag Islands for a peaceful sailing journey toward Kawe Island. Before crossing the equator, you can swim and snorkel in the eastern part of Wayag. If you're lucky, you might spot manta rays and carpet sharks on the reef during your snorkeling tour. Sailing southeast, you reach the Bay of Aljui for the evening, anchoring in front of a pearl farm.                   

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Day 5: Pearl Farm Tour, Sail to Maniafun Island

Quiet white-sand beaches in the archipelago

Before heading back to sea this morning, visit a pearl farm to understand the process of growing and harvesting these remarkable gems of the Pacific. The cruise continues toward Wofoh Island for more swimming, snorkeling, and lounging in the sun. Go kayaking to discover quiet beaches, keeping an eye out for the turtles that call this corner of paradise home. In the afternoon, sail southwest to Maniafun Island, where you will spend the night.          

Day 6: Sail to Penemu & Yangello Islands

The Pianemo Islands
Small rocky islands off the coast of Penemu

You'll be fast asleep when the boat lifts anchor to reach the island of Penemu by sunrise. Your day starts with a small dive and swimming in the middle of an exquisite underwater world. After lunch, the boat anchors near the entrance to a secluded lagoon, where you can walk and explore the karst mountains of Penemu. Underwater or on land, the nature in this region is lush and wild. In the afternoon, continue sailing to Yangello Island and spend the night in the middle of a peaceful mangrove swamp.                    

Day 7: Sail to Arborek & Mioskon Islands

Today's course takes you past Arborek Island
Today's course takes you past Arborek Island

This morning starts with a scenic kayak trip through mangroves. Reboard your Indonesian schooner and sail toward Arborek Island, where you'll see turtles and gray reef sharks. After a lunch break in a traditional Papuan village, head back toward Manta Sandy, a reef "cleaning station" where manta rays come to be cleaned by colorful wrasse fish. Watch them leap out of the water from the boat, then set sail again to reach Mioskon Island for the evening.    

Day 8: Snorkel in the Dampier Strait & Sail to Friwen Island

Spend your final two nights at Friwen Island
Anchor at Friwen Island

There are several snorkeling spots on today's program, including Mioskon, Blue Magic, and Sardines. This area of ​​the Dampier Strait is prone to currents, creating an extremely rich seabed that boasts intact corals and remarkable diverse schools of fish. After a day of underwater adventure, you'll climb back aboard and sail to Friwen Island, anchoring for two nights to explore the area. From the deck of the sailboat, admire the sunset with an aperitif and enjoy the idyllic landscapes of Raja Ampat.                    

Day 9: Jungle Hike & Beach BBQ at Friwen Island

The forested beaches of Friwen Island

Wake up early today to go on a hike through the jungles at Friwen Island. Keep your eyes open and you might see birds-of-paradise, the flamboyant and colorful species native to West Papua. Back on the water, you can go for a snorkeling excursion to the famed diving spot of Mike's Point on Dampier Strait. Near the island of Gam, this site is known for the biodiversity that thrives on its magnificent coral plateau.

Return to Friwen Island for a relaxing afternoon and a swim around the boat. For dinner, the crew will prepare a barbecue on the beach, and you'll celebrate your final night in Raja Ampat with an unforgettable evening under the stars.                    

Day 10: Depart Raja Ampat, End of Trip

A quiet morning in the paradise of Raja Ampat

At dawn, take a swim in the crystal clear waters of Raja Ampat and enjoy your final moments on this extraordinary trip. After exchanging goodbyes with your crew, leave the boat around noon and return to shore. From here, you'll head to the airport to catch your departing flight. Safe travels!

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Map of Sail the Raja Ampat Archipelago - 10 Days
Map of Sail the Raja Ampat Archipelago - 10 Days