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Explore 8 trips designed by local kimkim specialists to get ideas for your trip to Japan.

We've created 6-day itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip to Japan. Consider an adventure like this Tokyo and Kyoto itinerary if visiting historic temples, viewing Mount Fuji, and partaking in a tea ceremony sounds fun. Food enthusiasts might prefer something similar to this Japanese culinary journey, where you can enjoy a sushi-making class in Tokyo and a guided street food walk in Osaka. If you want long scenic hikes, opt for a trip like this Japanese Alps hiking itinerary from Nakasendo to Takayama, where you'll trek through gorgeous landscapes, visit historic towns, and lodge in traditional ryokans. 

See our itineraries below or read our guide to the best 6-day trips in Japan.

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Tackle a section of the scenic Kumano Kodo Trail
Map of Kumano Kodo Self-Guided Hiking Tour - 6 Days
Kumano Kodo Self-Guided Hiking Tour - 6 Days

Get ready for a memorable village-to-village trek on the Kii Peninsula along sections of Japan's famous Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail. Perfect for avid hikers, this self-guided tour will take you past thermal hot springs, grand shrines, and waterfalls as you walk in the footsteps of emperors.

"Maiko" (apprentice geishas) walking through the streets of Kyoto
Map of Best of Tokyo & Kyoto - 6 Days
Best of Tokyo & Kyoto - 6 Days

On this adventure, you'll see Japan's highlights while visiting two of its most famous cities. Begin in bustling Tokyo and discover the urban nightlife and explore temples and shopping streets on a guided tour. Then take a day trip to Lake Kawaguchiko for views of Mount Fuji. Next, transfer to Kyoto and get to know its temples and historic neighborhoods, opting for a traditional tea ceremony. Cap off your journey with a day trip to Nara, famous for its scenic deer park.

Fall Colors of Kamikochi National Park in the Japanse Alps
Map of Hiking The Japanese Alps From Nakasendo to Takayama - 6 Days
Hiking The Japanese Alps From Nakasendo to Takayama - 6 Days

Combine the natural beauty of the Japanese Alps with visits to historic post towns in this six-day walking adventure. Hike across mountain passes and descend into villages filled with craft shops, gorgeous architecture, and picturesque streets, all while enjoying dramatic views of the alpine scenery. End your trip with an unforgettable hike through Kamikochi Wetlands, but not before sleeping each night in traditional onsen ryokans and enjoying daily hot spring baths.

Explore several areas of the Japanese Alps in less than a week
Map of Discover Winter in the Japanese Alps - 6 Days
Discover Winter in the Japanese Alps - 6 Days

This six-day winter escape takes place in the stunning Japanese Alps, located on Honshu island. Kick off the tour in the city of Matsumoto and then head toward small alpine villages and their onsen ryokans—traditional inns with private hot springs—where you can relax after snowshoeing and sightseeing. Finish the adventure with a cooking class where you'll prepare (and eat) regional cuisine with a local chef.

Views across the Northern Japan Alps from the Shinhotaka Ropeway cable car station.
Map of Winter in the Japan Alps: Mountains, Villages & Hot Springs - 6 Days
Winter in the Japan Alps: Mountains, Villages & Hot Springs - 6 Days

Explore mountain villages, snowcapped peaks, and Onsen hot springs on this 6-day winter journey into the heart of Japan’s Northern Alps. Start in the feudal castle town of Matsumoto, venture into the Oku-Hida Mountains to find biodiverse highlands and secluded Ryokan inns, and end your stay in Hida-Furukawa and Takayama for an unforgettable winter experience.

Noto Peninsula, Japan
Map of Cycle the Noto Peninsula From Kyoto to Nanao Bay - 6 Days
Cycle the Noto Peninsula From Kyoto to Nanao Bay - 6 Days

Explore the breathtaking natural scenery of the Noto Peninsula in this 6-day tour, starting in the bustling cities of Kyoto and Kanazawa. Cycle along coastal routes with stunning vistas overlooking the seaside, sandy beaches, and rice fields as you make your way to the charming villages of Togi, Wajima, and Suzushi where you'll stay in traditional, family-run guesthouses. Finish your trip on Notojima Island and in the town of Ogi, stopping at Sojiji Temple and a traditional hot-spring onsen before returning to Kyoto.

Konpon Daito Pagoda at Mount Koya
Map of Sacred Japan: Temples & Shrines of Tokyo, Kyoto & Mount Koya - 6 Days
Sacred Japan: Temples & Shrines of Tokyo, Kyoto & Mount Koya - 6 Days

A highlight of travel to Japan is admiring the many beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines and learning more about the local culture, religion, and spirituality in the process. On this six-day tour of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Mount Koya, you'll visit several of Japan's most beautiful and significant sacred sites. From peaceful spots in the heart of busy Tokyo to gilded temples in Kyoto and ancient Buddhist monasteries at Mount Koya, this is a spiritually rewarding way to tour Japan.

Bowls of Japanese food for sale
Map of Foodie Tour of Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka - 6 Days
Foodie Tour of Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka - 6 Days

Japan is heaven for foodies, and even travelers short on time can enjoy the best gastronomic experiences in the country by focusing on the distinct culinary traditions of three lively cities—Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Find a diverse range of Japanese and international cuisine in Tokyo, enjoy some Japanese haute cuisine in Kyoto, and sample local street food classics and more in Osaka. All this while learning about Japanese culture and history on a fun-filled six-day tour.

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