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Tokyo's Shinjuku Park
Map of Classic Highlights of Japan - 14 Days
Classic Highlights of Japan - 14 Days

Welcome to Japan! On this two-week journey around the main island, Honshu, you'll enjoy a mix of cultural sightseeing and active adventures. Visit sacred temples and shrines, cycle through the countryside, and wander around Tokyo's most fashionable neighborhoods. From the history of Hiroshima and the wonders of ancient Kyoto to the historic farmhouses of Shirakawa-go and the quiet island of Miyajima, there's so much to see and do.

Walking in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto
Map of Family Adventure in Japan - 14 Days
Family Adventure in Japan - 14 Days

Offering ancient traditions and futuristic fun, Japan is filled with one-of-a-kind attractions for the young—and the young at heart. This two-week family-friendly itinerary features a great mix of cultural sightseeing and hands-on activities, like a sushi class and a samurai sword-fighting course. You'll explore the character cafés and comic book shops of Tokyo, boat on a lake near Mount Fuji, and wander through towering groves of bamboo in Arashiyama, taking time to learn about history in Hiroshima and Kyoto. Rounding out the trip are day trips to two world-class theme parks: Disney Sea and Universal Studios Japan. This action-packed journey is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Colorful Japanese Lanterns
Map of Family Adventure in Japan: Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto - 10 Days
Family Adventure in Japan: Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto - 10 Days

Traveling together as a family is such a special experience, and this 10-day action-packed adventure is specifically designed with families in mind. From Kanto to Kansai, this trip takes you from Tokyo and its modern, bustling streets to Kyoto with its tight hold on tradition. It's the perfect way to take in all that Japan has to offer while having plenty of family fun.

Evening view over Nagasaki
Map of Off the Beaten Path in Japan - 14 days
Off the Beaten Path in Japan - 14 days

This unique 14-day tour will take you to the major cities and destinations of Japan as well as hidden destinations that few tourists explore. You'll see Tokyo's futuristic neon lights, explore rice fields during a homestay in Izumo, wander through traditional temples in the company of native deer in Nara, relax on pristine beaches in the remote Goto islands, and more. Traveling through various destinations by steam train, ferry, and traditional boat, you'll get an intimate glimpse into Japanese ways of life.

Walking through the bamboo grove at Arashiyama
Map of Family Adventure in Japan - 10 Days
Family Adventure in Japan - 10 Days

This action-packed 10-day adventure around Japan is perfect for families! The itinerary leads you from the neon lights, futuristic interactive art, and whimsical character cafés of Tokyo to peaceful Lake Kawaguchi, where you can visit a nearby ninja theme park or ride one of the steepest roller coasters in the world. Then it's onward to Kyoto, where you'll learn how to make creative Japanese-style sweets and attend a tea ceremony. Travelers of all ages will enjoy visiting temples, bamboo groves, and shrines on the last few days of the trip in Arashiyama, Nara, and Osaka.

A street scene in Tokyo
Map of Discover Japan's Cities - 7 Days
Discover Japan's Cities - 7 Days

This weeklong journey focuses on Japan's busy cities, including ultra-modern Tokyo and historic Hiroshima. You'll explore the contemporary art scene, dine in a character café, walk around streets lit up with neon at night, and tour temples and historic sites. But the itinerary also features quieter experiences, featuring day trips to the shrines of Nara, a traditional village where you'll learn about the art of kimono design, and a lookout point where you'll get the best photo ops of snow-capped Mount Fuji.

A family sitting at a temple surrounded by autumn leaves
Map of  Family-Friendly Tour of Japan's Cities: Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka - 11 Days
Family-Friendly Tour of Japan's Cities: Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka - 11 Days

Japan is a wonderland for families, with cultural, natural, and modern attractions that will appeal to all ages. This 11-day trip visits three of the country's most significant cities—Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka—with an itinerary chock-full of kid-friendly outings and excursions. Broaden little ones' minds as they explore colorful temples and shrines, meet the local wildlife, and sample exotic new foods—then reward their patience with visits to Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan.

A bridge in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden
Map of Discover Japanese Culture in Kyoto - 5 Days
Discover Japanese Culture in Kyoto - 5 Days

Enjoy the quiet scenery and traditional Japanese culture in Kyoto on this refreshing adventure. In just five days, you'll visit sacred shrines, wander through ancient forests, take a boat cruise down a river lined with cherry blossoms, practice meditation with a Buddhist monk, and learn about the traditional arts of calligraphy and flower arranging. You'll also detour to the historic city of Nara, famed for its giant Buddha statue and resident population of deer, before returning to Kyoto for one last evening of sampling sushi and sake.

The traditional farmhouses of Shirakawago in winter
Map of Scenic Japan - 7 Days
Scenic Japan - 7 Days

This photogenic seven-day tour of Japan offers an unbeatable mix of popular attractions and off-the-beaten-path gems. You'll experience the country's beauty, starting in vibrant Tokyo and continuing to the temples, shines, and landscaped gardens of Kanazawa. Side-trip to Shirakawago, where charming wooden farmhouses were built to withstand heavy snow in winter—if you're lucky, you'll see the village under a blanket of white! Then end with two days in Kyoto, learning about geisha culture and traditional arts.