This nine-day adventure in northern Japan's Hokkaido Island is perfect for active families with kids aged six and over. Your vacation starts with a fun-filled stay in the all-inclusive Club Med Tomamu, where you'll explore the region's natural wonders before hot-footing it over to Sapporo. Spend two days indulging in a family-friendly tour of the town's Michelin-starred eateries and a delectable chocolate excursion before discovering the hot springs of Noboribetsu and a scenic cruise across Lake Toya.


  • Surf the wild waves of the indoor wave pool at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido
  • See the otherworldly turquoise waters of Biei's tranquil Blue Pond
  • Create delicious treats to take home at Ishiya Chocolate Factory
  • Ascend imposing Mount Usu via the thrilling Usuzan Ropeway

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Sapporo, Transfer to Shimukappu & Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido Shimukappu
Day 2 Club Med, Outdoor Activities, Gondola to Unkai Terrace  Shimukappu
Day 3 Club Med, Farm Tomita, Biei Blue Pond, Eco-Trekking or Biking Fun Shimukappu
Day 4 Transfer to Sapporo, Michelin-Starred Restaurant Foodie Tour Sapporo
Day 5 Sapporo City Tour, Visit Ishiya Chocolate Factory Sapporo
Day 6 Day Trip to Otaru, Glassworks, Music Boxes & Ropeway Views Sapporo
Day 7 Transfer to Noboribetsu, Tour Hell Valley, Noboribetsu Date Historic Village  Noboribetsu
Day 8 Cruise on Lake Toya & Mount Usu Ropeway Noboribetsu
Day 9 Transfer to Sapporo, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Sapporo, Transfer to Shimukappu & Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido

Unwind in the hot springs of Club Med with the family

Welcome to Japan! Your flight arrives in the city of Sapporo, located on the northern island of Hokkaido. You'll meet your driver and transfer to Shimukappu, a small village approximately two hours away. Known for its incredible mountains and outdoor adventures, you'll find many family-friendly activities and sights to see during your stay here.

Arrive and check in at Club Med Tomamu Hokkaido, an all-inclusive resort that offers the ultimate in family-friendly fun. Your package includes everything your family could want or need, including comfortable rooms, gourmet cuisine, and a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities. The club also offers day and nighttime entertainment and a Kids Club to keep the little ones busy if you need some downtime.

Settle into your rooms, then prepare to be pampered with a delectable dinner and a dip in the rejuvenating hot springs. Thrill seekers in the family will love the giant indoor wave pool, or you can take the kids out for a stroll around the grounds to burn off some steam and holiday excitement. Tonight, check out the resort's evening entertainment or just relax in your room after a long day of travel. 

Day 2: Club Med, Outdoor Activities, Gondola to Unkai Terrace 

Enjoy endless mountain views from Unkai Terrace 

Start your day by choosing from the many activities offered at Tomamu Hokkaido. If you happen to be there during winter, a ski day might be in order! The club provides ski-in ski-out access to Mount Tomamu's resort area, and here, you'll find runs for all ages and abilities, as well as ski lessons for any beginners in the group. If you don't ski, there are optional tours for snowmobiling, snow rafting, or snowshoeing.

Families visiting in summer can relax on the beach or poolside, letting the kids splash around in the play areas while the adults relax. The resort also offers activities such as archery, golf, and aerial acrobatics. Later today, opt for a gondola ride to Unkai Terrace, an incredible viewing platform that sits at more than 3,500 feet (1,088 m). The quick 15-minute ride takes you up the mountain, where you'll be free to walk around the viewing area, taking in the sea of clouds below and panoramic views of Mount Tomamu. 

Day 3: Club Med, Farm Tomita, Biei Blue Pond, Eco-Trekking or Biking Fun

Discover the incredible waters of Biei's Blue Pond

Step beyond the resort this morning and see more of Hokkaido's incredible countryside. Start with a visit to the fields of Farm Tomita, a working flower farm with giant fields of lavender and other colorful floral crops. Then, stop in Biei, known for its incredible Blue Pond. Together with your guide, your family will take a short walk through the forest to the pool. Named for its startling turquoise color, which comes from natural minerals in the water, it presents different shades of blue depending on the time, weather, and season, all offset by stark trees rising from the water.

If the kids have plenty of energy to burn, you can adventure into the Tomamu Hokkaido mountains on an educational and fun eco trek. Led by Club Med staff, you'll discover local flora and fauna, strolling through lush hillsides and endless greenery. Learn about the wildlife that calls this region home and hear more about the area's history from your guide. 

Other options include a rafting trip to the Sorachi River, where the whole family can enjoy rowing a raft together, traversing the dense forests along the riverbank, and rafting the flowing waters. This activity takes place on a less challenging part of the river, so even the littlest family members will find it entertaining. The club also offers fishing excursions, where the kids can try to land a big one, play along the riverbank, or go for a guided bike tour around the area. 

Day 4: Transfer to Sapporo, Michelin-Starred Restaurant Foodie Tour

Sample delicious sushi and other treats on a Michelin restaurant foodie tour

Check out of Club Med today and hop on a bus or taxi to your next stop, downtown Sapporo. After checking in at your accommodations, embark on a thrilling culinary journey through Hokkaido's capital. The city is renowned for its distinctive cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants, and this family-friendly tour is a thrill for any foodie or young gourmet in the making.

Indulge in a diverse range of delectable dishes, visiting establishments such as Hyousetsu No Mon, known for its delicious crab dishes and a true showcase of the quality of Hokkaido's seafood. Or, head to Mikuni Sapporo for French-inspired cuisine with a Japanese twist—the restaurant blends French techniques with Hokkaido's freshest ingredients, resulting in a memorable dining experience.

Visit Araki Tempura Restaurant and watch chefs expertly fry seafood and vegetables in a light batter, then savor each bite with a side of zesty dipping sauce. And if your kids are sushi fans, you can watch sushi masters at work at Sushi Miyakawa, creating the perfect balance of flavors and textures. End the day at Ramen Shingen, an unassuming restaurant beloved by locals for its delicious miso ramen. Slurp down steaming bowls of noodles topped with flavorful broth and all the fixings, sure to leave the whole family satisfied and with full stomachs! 

Day 5: Sapporo City Tour, Visit Ishiya Chocolate Factory

Explore the art of chocolate-making at Ishiya Chocolate Factory 

Discover Sapporo today with a family-friendly guided tour. You'll start with a visit to Sapporo Clock Tower, one of the few remaining Western-style buildings in the city and a symbol of its rich history. From there, make your way to Odori Park, a green oasis in the city center with paved walkways and shade trees—a perfect spot for the kids to run and play. Walk to the very end of the park to Sapporo TV Tower and head up to the observation deck for views that span the entire city. 

This afternoon, it's time for a very "sweet" excursion as the family heads to Shiroi Koibito Park, a chocolate-themed park that houses the Ishiya Chocolate Factory. The factory is renowned for its delicious Shiroi Koibito cookie, which consists of two butter cookies layered with its signature white chocolate. You and the kids will have a chance to observe the production process and create some of your own treats to commemorate the day. The cookies are also one of Hokkaido's most popular souvenirs, so be sure to purchase some extras for family back home.

Day 6: Day Trip to Otaru, Glassworks, Music Boxes & Ropeway Views

Visit the picturesque town of Otaru and see the canals

Visit Otaru, a picturesque harbor town with beautiful canals, scenery, and unparalleled artistry in glasswork and music boxes. Your guide will pick you up in the morning, and you'll make the two-hour drive. Upon arrival, start at the former Hokkaido Bank Head Office, a beautiful stone building typical of Otaru's modern architecture. Built in 1912, the building now serves as a museum where you and the kids can learn about the history of the bank and the city's development.

Then, take a leisurely family stroll along the Otaru Canal. Completed in 1923 after nine years of construction, the waterway spans 3,740 feet (1,140 m) in length and 131 feet (40 m) in width. Your guide will share interesting facts and stories about the canal's significance, its surrounding architecture, and its role in Otaru's economic growth.

Continue to Sakaimachi Street, a lively shopping area renowned for its exquisite glass and music box shops. As you peruse the stores and galleries, you'll meet the local craftspeople, and the little ones can create their own glass masterpiece or customize a music box to take home as a souvenir. End with a ride on a scenic ropeway that takes you to the incredible views of the Mount Tengu Observatory. Enjoy the panoramas of the gorgeous countryside, and take a few moments to capture the perfect photo while your guide points out key landmarks.

Day 7: Transfer to Noboribetsu, Tour Hell Valley, Noboribetsu Date Historic Village 

Fascinate the kids with a walk through the hot steam vents in Jigokudani

Meet your private driver this morning for your transfer to Noboribetsu, known for its natural onsen (hot springs), ancient forests, and fanciful demon statues decorating the city center. Once you've checked in at your hotel and had a chance to regroup, explore some of Japan's oldest hot springs with a guided tour of Jigokudani, otherwise known as Hell Valley—the source of most of the town's onsen. 

There are multiple trails here, which take you through forests and past the hot steam vents and sulfurous streams, a constant reminder of the volcanic origins of this region. If you and your family prefer a more intense physical activity, hike deep into the hills to the River Oyunuma Natural Footbath, where you can all ditch your shoes and soak your feet in the hot water!

Later today, take a visit to Noboribetsu Date Historic Village, a cultural theme park dedicated to the history of Japan's Edo period. Step inside the village, and you'll be transported back 300 years to discover what life was like during the Tokugawa shogunate. Little ones' imaginations are sure to be sparked by the lively antics of the performers as you watch ninja battles and elegant dances and see what life was like for families from 1603 until 1868. Afterward, the whole family will come away with a deeper understanding of Japan's storied past. 

Day 8: Cruise on Lake Toya & Mount Usu Ropeway

Take in the scenic views from the Usuzan ropeway

Make the most of your family's last full day in Japan with a visit to Lake Toya, a large crater lake nestled in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Renowned for its thermal springs and the active volcano Mount Usu, this region combines natural beauty with geological wonders—even in cold weather, the lake never freezes! Meet your guides for the one-hour drive, then take a sightseeing cruise around the lake. There's plenty of wildlife to look out for, including Ezo deer, so encourage the kids to keep their eyes peeled while your guide shares tales of the lake and volcano's history. 

After your cruise, visit the nearby Toyako Volcano Science Museum for a deeper dive into the area's geological history. Discover how Lake Toya was formed and learn about the volcanic activity that has shaped the landscapes over time. Then, board the Usuzan Ropeway and travel up Mount Usu, which towers over the lake at more than 2,400 feet (737 m).

For a more immersive experience, families with older kids can take an optional hike to the other side of the volcano. This 90-minute trek takes you through the area devastated by Mount Usu's last eruption in 2000. As you walk through these hauntingly beautiful ruins, see the buildings and roads destroyed by the eruption, as well as the dramatic effects of terrain deformation, landslides, and falling rocks. Return to Noboribetsu in time for dinner at a local restaurant or a quiet stroll around town. 

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Day 9: Transfer to Sapporo, Depart

Farewell to the beauty of Japan! 

Your family adventure in Japan comes to a close today. At the appointed time, you'll meet your driver at the hotel lobby and transfer back to Sapporo for your flight home. Safe travels!

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Map of Active Family Fun on Hokkaido Island : Club Med, Cultural Tours & Outdoor Excursions - 9 Days
Map of Active Family Fun on Hokkaido Island : Club Med, Cultural Tours & Outdoor Excursions - 9 Days
Written by Fei He, updated May 20, 2024