Mt.Fuji, the highest volcano in Japan, and the surrounding lakes known as Fuji Five Lakes are about 50 miles (80 km) from Hakone, 100 miles (160 km) from Tokyo, and 250 miles (400 km) from Kyoto. 

Consider this 10-Day Itinerary that covers Tokyo, Nikko, Hakone, and Kyoto that will take you to a tea ceremony, the mountains, hot springs and more. 

Visitors can actually climb this (active!) volcano along several routes during July and August. If you are wondering which time of year will suit your travel needs best, take a look at this seasonal overview for Japan. 

From Tokyo

Duration: 2-4 hours

The distance from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji is 98 miles (158 km) and there are a few different options to get there. The fastest is hiring a private transfer or self-driving, which will take around 2 hours. Driving in Japan might take a little getting used to as you drive on the left side of the road and the driver's side is on the right side. 

Going by car does give you the chance to stop in Otsuki halfway where you can visit the twin waterfalls Taro and Jiro, visit some small shrines, and take a walk over the "monkey bridge" for a view of the river gorge. 

A bus will take around 4 hours and there is a transfer at Kawaguchiko Station. The company is called Fujikyuko Express Bus and it runs hourly. 

Another option is to take the train to Shin-Fuji (Shizuoka) and from there take a taxi for the last leg of your trip. The train takes a little more than an hour and the taxi another 1-1.5 hours—altogether making it a 2.5-hour journey.

From Kyoto

Duration: 4-8 hours

From Kyoto, the distance is 248 miles (399 km) and will take you at least 4 hours to get there. The best option is by train, which is also the shortest. There is a transfer at Shin-Fuji (Shizuoka) and from there take a taxi for the last leg of your trip—altogether taking 4 hours. 

Driving will take you 5.5 hours and is sure to be beautiful. About halfway, a stop along the Pacific in Tokai is in order. 

The last option is by bus and plane which takes around 8 hours (if everything matches up). This method requires a bus to Osaka Itami Airport North Terminal where you will take a one hour flight to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. From there, there are still two more bus trips before you depart at Mt. Fuji 5th Station.

From Hakone

Duration: 1-4 hours

From the spa town of Hakone Mt. Fuji is 48 miles (77 km) and the easiest way to get there is by private transfer. The trip is a little over an hour. Renting a car yourself is another option. A bus trip will take about 4 hours but does require transfers. 

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Map of How to Get to Mt. Fuji
Map of How to Get to Mt. Fuji