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The beautiful river canyon of Wadi Mujib
Hike Jordan's Valleys & Canyons: Amman, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum & Dead Sea

Get off the beaten path and into some of Jordan's most spectacular scenery on this adventurous 11-day itinerary. Scramble along the sandstone cliffs of Wadi Numeira, explore the ecosystems of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, trek the back route to the lost city of Petra, and climb desert dunes to watch the sunrise over the Wadi Rum. After some soothing soaks in the Dead Sea, you'll be ready to hit the trails one last time with an unforgettable hike through the soaring river canyon of Wadi Mujib.

Trek through the river canyons of Wadi Mujib
Jordan's Natural Wonders: Amman, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Dead Sea - 11 Days

Outdoor adventures abound on this 11-day exploration of Jordan's most spectacular deserts, forests, and canyons. Go birdwatching in the wetlands of Azraq, hike through the unique ecosystems of Dana and Aljoun, camp on the red sands of Wadi Rum, and trek along the magnificent river canyon of Wadi Mujib. In between active excursions, you'll tour iconic cultural sites like Petra, Jerash, and Umm Qais—then relax and unwind on the beaches of the Red and Dead Seas.

Trek your way to the lost city of Petra
Hike the Jordan Trail: Amman, Dana, Petra & the Dead Sea - 11 Days

This 11-day adventure takes you trekking along a breathtaking portion of the famed Jordan Trail. Beginning at the Dana Biosphere Reserve and ending at the ancient carved canyons of Petra, you'll cross rugged desert landscapes by day and camp under the stars by night. As the hiking portion of your trip draws to a close, transfer to the shores of the Dead Sea for some well-earned downtime before ending your stay in the lively capital of Amman.

Views across the Red Sea at Aqaba
Ancient Jordan & the Golden Triangle - 11 Days

Discover Jordan from north to south on this eventful, 11-day itinerary. Start in Amman to tour ancient cities and desert fortresses, then head south into the Golden Triangle, where cultural antiquities and breathtaking landscapes abound. Stroll through the hidden wonders of Petra and take an off-road adventure into the Wadi Rum, then switch gears for some relaxing downtime on the shores of the Red and Dead Seas.

The Roman ruins of Jerash
Best of Jordan & Egypt: Cities, Deserts & Nile River Cruise - 11 Days

Explore ancient cultures and stunning landscapes on this action-packed, 11-day journey through Jordan and Egypt. Striking out from Amman, you'll tour the magnificent canyons of Petra, go for a swim in the Dead Sea, and camp with Bedouin in the "Valley of the Moon." Hop over to Cairo to visit iconic landmarks like the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, then head to Luxor to discover the Valley of the Kings and cruise up the Nile River to Aswan.

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