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The archeological site officially known as Siq Al Barid (meaning “Cold Canyon”) attracts fewer visitors than nearby Petra though it does not lack for drama. Carved into the rocks are ancient tombs, cisterns, temples and water channels, while age-old frescoes adorn the walls of the so-called Painted House. The collection of 9000-year-old neolithic ruins of Al Beidha offer a glimpse far into the past: this is one of the oldest archeological sites in the Middle East. 

You can get off the beaten track by taking a back trail to the monastery (Al Deir) inside Petra. This scenic route follows a Nabataean path out of the valley, where you can refresh in a Bedouin café before walking down the steps leading into the main site of Petra. You can also experience a more local side of Little Petra by taking a bread-baking class with a native family, going olive harvesting, or simply preparing and sharing a meal.
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Yoga in Petra
Map of Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days
Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days

On this nine-day retreat to Jordan, you’ll connect with the elements with outdoor yoga and equine therapy. Take in the desert surroundings in Wadi Rum and Little Petra, a beautiful backdrop for your daily yoga practice. Bedouin camps will provide a home to chant, meditate, participate in fire gatherings, and sleep under the stars. Take a camel ride, explore the iconic Monastery in Petra, and take a therapeutic float in the Dead Sea to end this enlightening trip.

Go on a Jeep safari into the vast Wadi Rum desert
Map of Experience Jordan: Amman, Petra, & Wadi Rum - 7 Days
Experience Jordan: Amman, Petra, & Wadi Rum - 7 Days

Experience a week of Jordanian hospitality, ancient and natural wonders, and rural life on this curated adventure of Jordan's main attractions. Walk amid ancient Roman ruins in Amman and Jerash, overlook the Judean Desert from the peak of Mount Nebo, and immerse yourself in the Nabataean city of Petra in between. You'll also sleep in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, snorkel with the fish in the Gulf of Aqaba, and relax in the buoyant and calm Dead Sea waters.

Wander amid the ruins of the former Roman Empire at the Amman Citadel
Map of Experience Jordan: Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, & More - 10 Days
Experience Jordan: Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, & More - 10 Days

Experience the best of Jordan from the northwestern tip in Umm Qais down to Aqaba at the Red Sea. Enjoy ten days visiting main attractions like the "Lost City" of Petra, the bustling capital of Amman, the salty Dead Sea, and the wilds of Wadi Rum. Along the way, you'll wander amid ancient Roman ruins in Jerash, discover the historic Ajloun Crusader castle, and look out onto the Judean Desert from atop biblical Mount Nebo.

Catch a sunset over the Dana Biosphere Reserve from the Feynan Ecolodge
Map of Holy Land Off the Beaten Path: Israel & Jordan - 10 Days
Holy Land Off the Beaten Path: Israel & Jordan - 10 Days

Go off the beaten path on this 10-day itinerary covering Israel and Jordan's Holy Land. Explore the eclectic artist's colony of Old Jaffa in Tel Aviv, discover the remains of an ancient Roman stronghold in Umm Qais, and stay the night at the Feynan Ecolodge in the remote mountains of the Dana Biosphere Reserve. You'll also experience popular attractions of the region, including the Dead Sea, both "Little Petra" and Petra, and Wadi Rum.

Trek through the river canyons of Wadi Mujib
Jordan's Natural Wonders: Amman, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Dead Sea - 11 Days

Outdoor adventures abound on this 11-day exploration of Jordan's most spectacular deserts, forests, and canyons. Go birdwatching in the wetlands of Azraq, hike through the unique ecosystems of Dana and Aljoun, camp on the red sands of Wadi Rum, and trek along the magnificent river canyon of Wadi Mujib. In between active excursions, you'll tour iconic cultural sites like Petra, Jerash, and Umm Qais—then relax and unwind on the beaches of the Red and Dead Seas.

Views over the Dana Biosphere Reserve
Jordan Trekking: Dana to Petra & the Dead Sea - 10 Days

Trek your way through some of Jordan's most breathtaking landscapes on this adventurous 10-day itinerary. Experience the pristine nature of Dana Biosphere Reserve, then set out into the rugged countryside for five days of trekking towards Petra. A dramatic final climb takes you to the sandstone city's hidden entrance, where you'll have plenty of time to explore its carved temples and tombs before transferring to the Dead Sea for some well-earned rest.

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