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Sometimes called the “City of Mosaics,” the large market town of Madaba has a spectacular collection of Byzantine-era mosaics. The focal point is the Madaba Archaeological Park, an open-air museum housing ruins that date back over 1500 years, plus some of the oldest mosaics in Jordan. Madaba houses one of the largest Christian populations in the country, and there’s a long tradition of religious tolerance in this friendly and welcoming city. 

The old quarter of Madaba has much to see. The famed 6th-century mosaic map tucked inside St. George’s Church depicts all the major biblical sites of the Middle East. Built out of stones from antiquity, the nearby Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist sits atop an ancient site that houses an Acropolis Museum. A short drive from town, you can visit the important pilgrimage site of Mt Nebo, where the Prophet Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land. From the overlook, you can take in windswept views towards ancient Gilead, Judah, Jericho and the Negev. 
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Yoga in Petra
Map of Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days
Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days

On this nine-day retreat to Jordan, you’ll connect with the elements with outdoor yoga and equine therapy. Take in the desert surroundings in Wadi Rum and Little Petra, a beautiful backdrop for your daily yoga practice. Bedouin camps will provide a home to chant, meditate, participate in fire gatherings, and sleep under the stars. Take a camel ride, explore the iconic Monastery in Petra, and take a therapeutic float in the Dead Sea to end this enlightening trip.

Bedouin camels rest outside the Treasury at Petra
Map of Family Trip to Jordan:  Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, & More – 8 Days
Family Trip to Jordan: Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, & More – 8 Days

This well-rounded tour is designed to suit families and has something for everyone. Visit the ruins of Gerasa and stay in a Bedouin camp in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Wadi Rum. See the holy Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics at Madaba and frolic on the beach at Aqaba. Add to this Petra and the Dead Sea and you have the complete highlights of Jordan.

Cycle through Jordan's otherwordly landscapes
Jordan Cycling Adventure: Madaba to Wadi Rum - 8 Days

Cycle through some of Jordan's most spectacular desert landscapes on this active 8-day itinerary. Setting out from historic Madaba, you'll make your way south along the Dead Sea coast, visiting ancient landmarks like Shobak Castle and the lost city of Petra. Cross shifting sands and rugged mountains to end your adventure among the red dunes of Wadi Rum, where you'll sleep under the stars in a Bedouin camp.

Spend two days exploring Jordan's vibrant capital city, Amman
Map of History & Heritage Tour of Jordan: Amman, Azraq, Madaba, Petra & Wadi Rum - 9 Days
History & Heritage Tour of Jordan: Amman, Azraq, Madaba, Petra & Wadi Rum - 9 Days

Immerse yourself in Jordan's rich history and heritage on this nine-day north-to-south tour. Start in Amman with guided tours of the capital's landmarks, venture into the countryside for a bicycle tour of the Azraq Wetland Reserve, then move on to Madaba, stopping at Mount Nebo on the way. After discovering the City of Mosaics, your journey continues in Petra with a self-guided visit to the UNESCO-listed archaeological site before ending with a Jeep tour in the Wadi Rum desert.

Peer out from the fortress of Madaba onto the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert from Madaba Fortress
Map of Highlights of Jordan & Israel: Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, & More - 10 days
Highlights of Jordan & Israel: Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, & More - 10 days

This complete 10-day tour covers Jordan and Israel and their main historic and cultural attractions. Begin in Jordan and explore the ancient Roman ruins in Jerash, sleep in a Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, and discover the centuries-old tombs in Petra. Cross the river Jordan for four nights in Jerusalem, trek through the Judean Desert, swim in the Dead Sea, visit Bethlehem, and drive along the Mediterranean coast from Tel Aviv to Northern Israel.

The Holy Land
Map of Biblical Jordan and Israel: Tel Aviv,  Tiberias, Jerusalem, Amman & More - 14 Days
Biblical Jordan and Israel: Tel Aviv, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Amman & More - 14 Days

This 14-day tour of the Holy Land starts off in Israel and takes you to Bethlehem, the Galilee, and other Biblical sites, before continuing in Jordan, with stops at Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Mount Nebo, and Elijah's Hill. Combine these holy sites with visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, a night in the Wadi Rum desert, and a chance to float on the Dead Sea.

Explore the Dana Biosphere Reserve and visit the stone village of Dana
Map of Highlights of Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, & More - 14 Days
Highlights of Jordan: Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, & More - 14 Days

This two-week tour of Jordan covers cultural highlights and lesser-known attractions. Start in Amman and travel the length of the country from the hills of Umm Qais down to Aqaba on the Red Sea. Along the way, you'll discover the ancient city of Petra, camp in Wadi Rum, and float in the Dead Sea. You'll also tour Crusader-era castles, hike in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, and visit the Byzantine mosaics of Madaba.

Palms along the Red Sea beaches of Aqaba
Classic Jordan: Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Petra & Amman - 5 Days

This quick, 5-day getaway is the perfect introduction to Jordan's Golden Triangle—a region rich with stunning scenery and ancient wonders. Start at the Red Sea port of Aqaba for some laid-back beach time and watersports, then transfer deep into Wadi Rum for an off-road adventure among the desert dunes. After a day exploring the mysteries of Petra, head north along the historic King's Highway to end your trip in the vibrant capital of Amman.

The beautiful river canyon of Wadi Mujib
Hike Jordan's Valleys & Canyons: Amman, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum & Dead Sea

Get off the beaten path and into some of Jordan's most spectacular scenery on this adventurous 11-day itinerary. Scramble along the sandstone cliffs of Wadi Numeira, explore the ecosystems of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, trek the back route to the lost city of Petra, and climb desert dunes to watch the sunrise over the Wadi Rum. After some soothing soaks in the Dead Sea, you'll be ready to hit the trails one last time with an unforgettable hike through the soaring river canyon of Wadi Mujib.

Trek through the river canyons of Wadi Mujib
Jordan's Natural Wonders: Amman, Dana, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba & Dead Sea - 11 Days

Outdoor adventures abound on this 11-day exploration of Jordan's most spectacular deserts, forests, and canyons. Go birdwatching in the wetlands of Azraq, hike through the unique ecosystems of Dana and Aljoun, camp on the red sands of Wadi Rum, and trek along the magnificent river canyon of Wadi Mujib. In between active excursions, you'll tour iconic cultural sites like Petra, Jerash, and Umm Qais—then relax and unwind on the beaches of the Red and Dead Seas.

Sunrise over the Wadi Rum
Jordan's Natural Wonders: Amman, Dana, Petra & Wadi Rum - 7 Days

Perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this week-long active itinerary immerses you in Jordan's contrasting natural landscapes. Starting in the capital of Amman, you'll explore the lush forests of Aljoun and stroll the boardwalks of Azraq's biodiverse wetlands, then head south to hike through the breathtaking Dana Biosphere Reserve. Continue to Petra to explore its ancient carved canyons, and venture into the "Valley of the Moon" to camp under desert skies and watch the sunrise over shifting sands.

Women walking along the ancient amphitheater of Amman
Jordan History & Heritage: Amman, Petra & Wadi Rum - 7 Days

From the earliest human settlements to thriving modern cities, you'll delve deep into the cultural history of Jordan on this fascinating, week-long itinerary. Tour Roman ruins and modernist mosques in Amman, then head south to explore the archaeological wonders of Petra. After a night of Bedouin hospitality in the rugged deserts of Wadi Rum, you'll make your way back to the capital—stopping off for a quick dip in the Dead Sea along the way.

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