On this nine-day retreat to Jordan, you’ll connect with the elements with outdoor yoga and equine therapy. Take in the desert surroundings in Wadi Rum and Little Petra, a beautiful backdrop for your daily yoga practice. Bedouin camps will provide a home to chant, meditate, participate in fire gatherings, and sleep under the stars. Take a camel ride, explore the iconic Monastery in Petra, and take a therapeutic float in the Dead Sea to end this enlightening trip.


  • Explore the mosaics and churches in Madaba
  • Engage in morning yoga with scenic desert backdrops in Wadi Rum
  • Sleep under the stars at your Bedouin camp in Petra
  • Go for a therapeutic float in the Dead Sea

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Madaba Madaba
Day 2 Travel to Wadi Rum Wadi Rum
Day 3 Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Horse Sessions Wadi Rum
Day 4 Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Horse Sessions Wadi Rum
Day 5 Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Meditative Walk Wadi Rum
Day 6 Travel to Little Petra Little Petra
Day 7 Tour Petra Little Petra
Day 8 Visit the Dead Sea Madaba
Day 9 Depart From Madaba  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Madaba

Mosque in Madaba
Welcome to Madaba!

Welcome to Jordan! Meet your driver in the “Arrivals” hall of the airport. Then, your driver will take you straight to Madaba. If you arrive in the morning, you can visit the famous Byzantine mosaics and the churches.

Depending on your arrival time, you can also visit the Women’s Cooperative Society in Irak al-Amir, ruins of Jerash, and the Citadel in Amman. Following your initial exploration, you’ll stay the night at your hotel in Madaba.

Day 2: Travel to Wadi Rum

Scenic views in Wadi Rum
Scenic views in Wadi Rum

After breakfast, you’ll travel south to your “Desert Escape” site in Wadi Rum. On the way, enjoy a walk in Dana with great views into Wadi Araba. After lunch, continue to your camp in Wadi Rum, where your Bedouin guide awaits you with a sweet tea welcome drink.

Once you are settled in, prepare for a sunset yoga session. Then, take some time to get refreshed before dinner.

Following dinner, you’ll gather for a chant on the rocks and set your intentions to guide you during this journey. You’ll spend the night in your Bedouin camp with shared facilities.

Day 3: Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Horse Sessions

Yoga on rocks in Wadi Rum
Yoga on rocks in Wadi Rum

Start the day with a yoga session to awaken the spine, quiet the mind, and center your heart chakra. After breakfast, you’ll take a short ride to the stables to visit the horses for a soul connecting session. Take the morning to engage with the horses in the paddock, and find out what they mirror back to you. Learn to connect to your authentic self with the animals, and search for the courage and inspiration to take the actions aligned with your heart and mind.

Enjoy a buffet lunch at Sun City, then transfer back to your camp in Wadi Rum for some downtime. Later in the day, you’ll join a circle for meditation, followed by a meditative walk.

End the day with a sunset yoga session on the sands of Wadi Rum. Then, indulge in dinner and another overnight at your Bedouin camp. Sit around the fire and sip Bedouin tea or puff on a water pipe, if you’d like.

Plan your trip to Jordan
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Day 4: Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Horse Sessions

Horse coaching session in Wadi Rum
A horse coaching session in Wadi Rum

Today begins with a creative, flowing yoga session. After breakfast, you’ll have access to another horse coaching session to further explore the wisdom the horses have to share. Next, take a camel ride to experience your surroundings like a nomad.   

Then, meet with your Bedouin guide, who will take you to your private camping location in the heart of Wadi Rum. Here, you’ll have access to an eco-friendly toilet and a bucket shower. After lunch, there will be time to relax, wander, or opt for a Thai massage. Then, it will be time for sunset yoga, followed by a Bedouin dinner cooked on the fire.

Tonight, sleep under the stars to connect with your surroundings.

Day 5: Wadi Rum Desert Escape - Yoga and Meditative Walk 

Morning Yoga in Wadi Rum
Morning yoga in Wadi Rum

In the morning, you’ll engage in another yoga session, followed by breakfast in silence. Then, explore the area with a meditative treasure walk. Begin to think about which beliefs you are ready to release into the fire during the evening ceremony.  

Then, engage in a sharing circle, followed by lunch and time to relax, wander, or get creative. Indulge in vinyasa flow yoga at sunset, followed by a traditional Bedouin dinner. Next, you’ll create a sacred space for the fire ceremony, where you’ll release any limiting beliefs, sending intentions toward the stars—before sleeping underneath them.

Day 6: Travel to Little Petra

Explore Little Petra
Explore Little Petra on a scenic walk

Partake in a morning yoga session to activate the legs in preparation for your exploration of Little Petra. After breakfast, you’ll transfer to Little Petra for lunch—after which, you’ll visit a small, yet impressive wadi, or valley, where you can set future intentions. Then, walk to your camp for sunset yoga practice.

Afterward, enjoy dinner, followed by your overnight stay in another Bedouin camp in Little Petra.

Day 7: Tour Petra

Monastery in Petra
The monastery in Petra

The morning begins with yoga to awaken the spine and a hearty breakfast to energize you for the day ahead.

Then, you’ll meet with a local guide at the camp to enter Petra through the little-known entrance to the Monastery. Start with a short stroll, then after 20 minutes, the walk will begin to get scenic, with beautiful mountain views toward the Wadi Araba desert, which finally leads to the main attraction, the Monastery.

Once you arrive, it will be time to stop for a picnic lunch and a meditation session. Then, continue to pass the Colonnade Street, where you will see the Royal Tombs, the Theater, and the Treasury. You’ll then leave the site through the serene, high-walled, and colorful Siq, and then stop at the Cave Bar for a drink.

Then, it will be time to travel back to your campsite for refreshments, followed by dinner and a closing chakra meditation.

Day 8: Visit the Dead Sea

Dead Sea shore
Go for a therapeutic float in the Dead Sea

After morning yoga and breakfast, you’ll say your goodbyes, and your driver will take you on a scenic ride to the Dead Sea. Once at Oh Beach, you will have access to the therapeutic mineral mud and a float session in this famous healing body of water. Then, it will be time to have lunch, relax at the infinity pool, contemplate your journey, and prepare to depart.

As a final treat, you will have a traditional dinner with a local family in Madaba, before retiring for the evening at a local hotel.

Day 9: Depart from Madaba

Bedouin Road Signs
Farewell, Jordan!

The time has come to say goodbye to Jordan. Depending on your flight time, your driver will take you to the airport, so you can prepare for your departure. Namaste!


Map of Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days
Map of Desert Yoga Escape in Jordan: Wadi Rum & Little Petra - 9 Days