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Recharge on the sunkissed shores of Zanzibar
Map of Zanzibar Beach Holiday - 5 Days
Zanzibar Beach Holiday - 5 Days

If you're looking to escape the daily grind, five days in a tropical paradise like Zanzibar might be what the doctor ordered. More than inviting white-sand beaches and crystalline waters, the island of Zanzibar is also home to a rich culture and fascinating medieval history. You'll experience it all, plus have your pick of various optional activities—including a romantic sunset cruise.

Zebra and Wildebeest on the Mara River
Explore the Masai Mara Game Reserve - 5 Days

Explore the rich ecosystem of the Masai Mara Game Reserve with daily safaris and the option for hot air balloon rides above the river valley. You'll start in Nairobi with a quick tour of the city, then head to the park where you'll enjoy observing the Great Migration across the Mara River. Along with expert guides, you'll look for the Big Five populations, spotting giraffe, lion, hippo, and zebra from game drives, and elephants from the comfort of your camp's viewing lounge.

Elephants in Masai Mara National Park
Map of Kenya Wildlife & Culture Tour - 5 Days
Kenya Wildlife & Culture Tour - 5 Days

This exciting Kenyan adventure combines three key destinations known for wildlife and culture. You'll transfer to Lake Naivasha from Nairobi to get friendly with non-predatory wildlife. Next, drive to a cultural camp and learn about the distinct Maasai lifestyle. Then continue east to the Mara River, where you'll experience private safaris while searching for elephants, zebras, and lions—best viewed during the Great Migration (July through September).

A couple of wild elephants on the slopes of Mount Kenya
Map of Mount Kenya Hike & Wildlife Tour - 5 Days
Mount Kenya Hike & Wildlife Tour - 5 Days

This active Kenyan trip covers a lot of ground in under a week. After a night in the bustling capital, a private driver will take you on a scenic drive to Mount Kenya National Park. This is where you'll hike to a camp situated above 10,000 feet, with views of the country's highest peak. Then, descend to Nanyuki—a traveler hub with international cuisine—before heading to a renowned wildlife conservancy for a day of adventures. Finish with a morning game drive before returning to Nairobi.

Meet Rothschild's giraffes and learn about Kenya's conservation efforts
Map of Kenya Coffee, Culture & Wildlife Tour - 5 Days
Kenya Coffee, Culture & Wildlife Tour - 5 Days

This exciting 5-day adventure combines a unique range of experiences for a Kenyan trip to remember. It kicks off with two nights in the capital, where you'll visit Nairobi National Park and centers dedicated to elephants and giraffes. From here, a private driver will take you to a notable coffee estate for a farm tour and tasting. Then, continue to Lake Naivasha for more wildlife in Hell's Gate National Park, not to mention a boat tour among hippos and rare birds.

Roaring lion
Wildlife and Culture in Kenya: Nairobi, Maasai, Mara River - 5 Days

Perfect for those looking to combine cultural experiences with wildlife safaris, this trip starts in the bustling city of Nairobi where you'll visit a women's cooperative pottery factory, a giraffe conservation center, and an elephant rescue. Next you'll head out into the African bush and stay in luxury tents near the Mara River where you can witness the annual Great Migration under the guidance of the Maasai tribe. Enjoy daily safaris and game drives, viewing animals such as lion, cheetah, antelope, giraffe, hippo, and more.

A tree-climbing lion
Map of Tanzania Safari Adventure - 5 Days
Tanzania Safari Adventure - 5 Days

The great misconception about going on safari in Africa is that you need at least a couple of weeks. In reality, even in just five days, you can enjoy the safari experience of a lifetime. This itinerary includes game drives in three different national parks in Tanzania—one of the continent's most popular and famous safari destinations—Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Flocks of flamingoes are common on lakes Nakuru, Naivasha, and Bogoria
Map of Kenya Birdwatching Safari - 5 Days
Kenya Birdwatching Safari - 5 Days

Nature enthusiasts will love this 5-day adventure that visits four different Kenyan lakes known for birds and wildlife. A private driver will first take you to Lake Naivasha for a boat tour and island walk, where you'll get up close to a range of bird species, as well as zebras and giraffes. Next is Lake Nakuru where you'll join a safari in a vast wildlife preserve. Finish the trip on Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria for quality time to experience the Rift Valley by car, boat, foot, and bicycle.

Pack the most wildlife into your short safari adventure with game drives in the Masai Mara
Map of Kenya Safari Highlights: Nakuru, Masai Mara & Lake Naivasha - 5 Days
Kenya Safari Highlights: Nakuru, Masai Mara & Lake Naivasha - 5 Days

Have under a week to spare for the safari adventure of a lifetime? Not a problem when your destination is Kenya. Enjoy five action-packed days, starting with Lake Nakuru, whose wetland ecosystem is a haven for wildlife ranging from flamingoes to rhinos. Continue on to the savanna plains of Masai Mara to spot lions, leopards, and other specimens before finishing with water safaris at Lake Naivasha and a trip to marvel at the soaring cliffs of Hell's Gate.

Colorful ground hornbills are a common sight in Kenya's national parks
Map of Kenya Wildlife & Bird-Watching Safari: Amboseli & Tsavo - 5 Days
Kenya Wildlife & Bird-Watching Safari: Amboseli & Tsavo - 5 Days

This quick five-day wildlife tour of Kenya is almost literally a "feather in your cap," as you witness some of the country's most exotic avian species, from secretary birds to hornbills. But it's also a classic safari adventure, as over a few days, you'll visit national parks like Amboseli and Tsavo to spot famously exotic creatures, including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and much more.

See Samburu's "Special Five" animals, including the elegant, long-necked gerenuk
Map of Kenya Off-the-Beaten Path Safari: Aberdare & Samburu - 5 Days
Kenya Off-the-Beaten Path Safari: Aberdare & Samburu - 5 Days

Venture into northern Kenya to discover prime safari destinations unknown to most travelers, like Aberdare and Samburu. Over a mere five days at these national parks and reserves, you can enjoy game drives to spot the most exotic creatures on the continent, from lions and rhinos to rare specimens like reticulated giraffes and Grévy's zebras. Along the way, you'll stay in luxury safari lodges and camps, where you can witness herds of elephants up close as you sip your morning coffee.

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