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Map of History & Nature in Latvia - 5 Days
History & Nature in Latvia - 5 Days

Discover Latvia, from the cobbled streets of its historic capital of Riga to the dense forests and waterfalls of Gauja National Park. After witnessing the famous Art Nouveau architecture of Riga, visit the sandstone caves near the medieval village of Kuldīga followed by a trip to the coastal resort city of Jūrmala. Along the way, you'll tour castle ruins, historic palaces, and discover Latvia's art scene with a visit to an open-air museum with over 150 works of art.

Explore Latvia
Map of Highlights of Latvia - 7 Days
Highlights of Latvia - 7 Days

Over seven days you'll cover the highlights of Latvia, from the medieval capital city of Riga to its gorgeous coastal villages. You'll also stop at unique locales, like abandoned fallout bunkers and former KGB headquarters, that are throwbacks to when Latvia was controlled by Soviet Russia. In between, you'll tour well-preserved castles, cathedrals, and opulent palaces, some of which date back as far as the 13th century.

Riga at Sunset
Riga and the Midsummer Festival - 5 Days

Experience local culture and traditions in Riga by enjoying its annual Midsummer Festival, starting with a walking tour of the historic city center and its renowned architecture. Then participate in traditional songs, dances, and sauna rituals with locals at the festival, sleeping in the tranquility of Gauja National Park. Learn about Baltic culture and traditions with an herbal workshop, a carpentry workshop, and a visit to the open-air ethnographic museum.

Map of Highlights of the Baltic Capital Cities - 8 Days
Highlights of the Baltic Capital Cities - 8 Days

Discover the capital cities of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia on this whirlwind 8-day trip through the Baltic states. As you travel north from Vilnius to Riga to Tallinn, you'll learn about each city's rich cultural, historic, and culinary traditions. Visit churches in Vilnius, indulge in a food tour in Riga, and explore the creative hub of Tallinn on this Northern European adventure.

 House of the Blackheads in Riga Old Town
Highlights of Latvia - 5 Days

This trip through Latvia starts in Riga, touring the medieval Old Town, the Central Market, and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet House, and ending with a traditional dinner with folklore dancing. You'll then explore the country's rural landscapes with visits to waterfalls and caves in the town of Kuldīga, as well as the preserved Bauska Castle and the palaces of Rundāle and Jelgava. End your trip in Jūrmala, a seaside resort where you'll ride bikes along the beach and swim in the sea.

Sunset over Riga's Old Town
Map of Ancient Traditions in Latvia & Estonia - 9 Days
Ancient Traditions in Latvia & Estonia - 9 Days

Explore the medieval towns and castle-filled countrysides of Latvia and Estonia on this nine-day itinerary. From the 13th through 16th centuries, the two countries were a unified political entity known as Livonia, and you can explore their shared culture as you travel through the historic cities, ancient river valleys, islands, and Hanseatic towns of the Baltic region.

Riga's Beautiful Christmas Market
Discover Riga's Winter Charm - 4 Days

Despite its cold weather, Riga is the perfect city break in the winter months thanks to its incredible history and festive Christmas markets. Explore the historic old town with a guided walking tour, then peruse the spirited Christmas markets with sweet-smelling mulled wine, roasted almonds, glazed gingerbread, deletable food, and locally-handcrafted goods. Enjoy a change of scenery with an optional day trip to the seaside town of Jūrmala and stroll its 20-mile, white-sand beach while admiring traditional wooden houses.

The magnificent Rundale Palace
Map of Latvia's Castles and Palaces - Day Trip
Latvia's Castles and Palaces - Day Trip

Go back in time on this guided tour of three of Latvia's castles and palaces. Learn about the long history of this Baltic nation through the grand buildings erected by its leaders. You'll visit the medieval Bauska Castle, the Baroque Jelgava Palace, and the extravagant Rundale Palace — all just a short drive from Riga.

 House of the Blackheads in Riga Old Town
Explore Latvia, From Riga to Jūrmala - 6 Days

Explore the highlights of Latvia on this 6-day tour, starting in the capital of Riga with tours of its historic Old Town, its Central Market, and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet House. Discover waterfalls and caves in the medieval town of Kuldīga, as well as Bauska Castle and the palaces of Rundāle and Jelgava. End the trip in the seaside resort city of Jūrmala, where you'll ride bikes along the beach and swim in the sea.

Sandstone cliffs along Latvia's Guaja River
Hiking Adventure in Gauja National Park - 7 Days

Located in Latvia's northeast, the vast Gauja National Park is home to winding rivers, sandstone cliffs, and dense unspoiled forests. On this active week-long itinerary, you'll explore the enchanting capital of Riga before heading into the wilds of the park for a series of unforgettable hikes. In between, you'll explore the medieval gem of Cesis, visit the perfectly preserved 19th-century village of Ligatne, and finish your adventure on the windswept shores of the Baltic Sea.

The Three Brothers in Riga, Latvia
Map of Guided Walking Tour of Riga - Day Trip
Guided Walking Tour of Riga - Day Trip

Put on your best walking shoes and discover the Baltic region's largest city on this comprehensive guided tour of Riga. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Latvia's capital as you take in the fascinating blend of Gothic, medieval, and Art Nouveau architecture. You'll also test Riga's reputation as an up-and-coming foodie destination with a visit to the Central Market, where you'll sample local delicacies.

Sweeping Baltic beaches at Latvia's seaside resort of Jūrmala
Best of Latvia & Lithuania: Cities, Castles & Beaches - 13 days

Discover the adventurous sides of Latvia and Lithuania on this 13-day journey through two of Europe's hidden gems. Setting out from the bustling capital of Riga, you'll tour romantic medieval towns, immerse yourself in unspoiled Baltic landscapes, and embark on a series of unforgettable outdoor excursions. Explore the biodiverse boglands of Kemeri National Park, cycle along the beaches of the Curonian Spit, kayak past castles on Lake Galve, and end your journey amongst the Baroque grandeur of Vilnius.