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A little over two weeks is enough time to really go off the beaten path in Nepal. One unique excursion is a trek to Upper Mustang, also known as the Kingdom of Lo. This portion of Nepal was its own separate kingdom until 1950, and its location on the Tibetan Plateau means it has preserved much of its ancient Buddhist traditions. The trek is relatively easy (the highest point is 12,467 feet/4,800 meters) and passes incredible landscapes and sites such as the “sky caves”—a network of thousands of caves carved into the mountain walls. Or you could embark on a lengthy hike north of Kathmandu, from the Bhote Kosi River to the Langtang Valley and its panoramic views of snow-capped Himalaya.

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Locals, Horse and Langtang Lirung
Map of Langtang, Gosaikunda &  Helambu Trek  - 17 Days
Langtang, Gosaikunda & Helambu Trek - 17 Days

This two-and-a-half-week trek through Langtang and Helambu is one of the most spectacular Nepal has to offer. Just north of the Kathmandu Valley, this route is classified as moderate and will take you from the banks of the Bhote Kosi River through the Langtang Valley to the sacred Gosaikunda Lake and the Hyolmo villages of Helambu. You'll see expansive mountain views, travel through lush forests and sleep in Nepali tea houses on this Himalayan adventure.

Donkey Train in Upper Mustang
Boutique Upper Mustang Trek: Buddhist Caves & the Last Nomads of Mustang - 17 Days

The Buddhist Caves in Upper Mustang offer a truly unique trekking experience in a remote area of Nepal, far away from the beaten path. The trek takes you into the hidden Buddhist kingdom of Upper Mustang and ventures deep into the world of 'sky-caves', including the famous Luri Gompa and Tashi Kabum, which are adorned with some of the most exquisite murals of the Tibetan Buddhist world and dating back to antiquity.

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