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With nearly three weeks you can explore much of the mountain kingdoms and tropical lowland jungles of Nepal. For a trekking adventure that incorporates the highlights, embark on the Annapurna Circuit, which takes you from the capital of Kathmandu to high altitude lakes like Tilicho to the lake city of Pokhara, with its 360° views of the snow-capped Himalaya. To get away from the crowds and commune with the majesty of Nepal, trek to the Humla region, located in the northwest of the country. This almost spiritual journey will take you amid the hot springs and Buddhist monasteries of the stunning Limi Valley as you travel ever upward and over mountain passes at an incredible 16,000 feet (4,900 meters) in altitude.

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The Annapurna Circuit is known for its beautiful valleys and local villages you pass through along the way
Map of Annapurna Circuit Trek - 20 Days
Annapurna Circuit Trek - 20 Days

One of the classic treks in Nepal, this popular route takes you all the way from subtropical jungle to high-altitude plateau, culminating in Thorung La at 5,419 m.

Kiang roam in Limi Valley  (Pic by:Tashi R. Ghale)
Limi Valley Trek - 20 Days

Hidden deep within the Himalaya is Humla: the highest, most northern and remote district of Nepal. Humla is culturally diverse, occupied in the northern highlands by Bhotias, and in the southern valleys and riverbeds by the Khasas (Hindus). You will experience these rich and varied cultures as you trek over 16,000 ft passes, through remote villages, and explore ancient monasteries in the vivid Limi Valley.

The view from Gokyo Ri towards Everest
Map of Nepal's Three Passes Trek - 20 Days
Nepal's Three Passes Trek - 20 Days

This 20-day itinerary guides you along the legendary Three Passes route—one of Nepal's most challenging and spectacular treks. Traverse a rugged landscape of steep passes, glaciers, and the world's highest freshwater lakes to reach the doorstep of Mount Everest. With downtime to rest and acclimatize to the altitude, you'll gain insight into the rich Sherpa culture with visits to local villages and isolated monasteries.

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