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Ibiza is Spain’s third-largest Balearic Island (after Mallorca and Menorca) and is home to incredible beaches and seaside villages, with many parts protected as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its history dates back to 654 BCE, when the Phoenicians founded a port on the island, and it has since been a cultural crossroads of many civilizations, including the Romans, Moors, and Catalans. Ibiza's unique cultural heritage is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and art.

The island is also famous for its vibrant nightlife, which has its roots in the 1960s when hippies began flocking to the island. Today, Ibiza is a top destination for electronic dance music (EDM) enthusiasts, with numerous nightclubs and beach parties that draw in crowds from around the world. On the other side, Ibiza's culture is also characterized by its laid-back, bohemian lifestyle, strongly emphasizing wellness and spirituality. Many visitors come to Ibiza to practice yoga, meditation, and other wellness activities, while others are drawn to the island's natural beauty, including its stunning beaches, clear waters, and scenic countryside.
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Ibiza Essentials

What of the Balearic islands, calls out to you? Mallorca, Menorca, or Ibiza?
Map of Mallorca, Menorca, or Ibiza: Which Is Best for You?
Mallorca, Menorca, or Ibiza: Which Is Best for You?

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, offers varied landscapes, from the Serra de Tramuntana to its pristine beaches, making it a haven for adventurers and sun-seekers. Menorca, often dubbed the quieter sibling, offers serene bays, UNESCO-listed sites, and a deeply preserved history evident in its prehistoric monuments and charming towns. On the other hand, Ibiza is a blend of vibrant nightlife and untouched natural beauty, attracting both partygoers and those searching for tranquil Mediterranean escapes.

One of the best sandy beaches in Ibiza (photo courtesy of Hotel Riomar)
The 6 Best Beachfront Hotels in Ibiza

Despite being the smallest of the three main Balearic Islands, Ibiza has just as many beaches as Menorca and some of the best stretches of sand in the archipelago. The island's hotels take advantage of the coastline and offer several beachfront lodgings. Many of our recommendations come with perks like private areas of the beach, spas, fine-dining restaurants, and multiple outdoor pools.

Enjoy the countryside at this agriturismo hotel (photo courtesy of Agroturismo ATZARÓ)
The 5 Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Ibiza

As a small island with a bohemian past, Ibiza is home to many eco-friendly lodgings, most with a focus on sustainable food. By booking one of these accommodations, you'll stay in a hotel using local, seasonal food, perhaps from its garden, and employing initiatives like reducing waste and energy and water use. This all comes together to create an authentic stay in harmony with Ibiza's heritage.

The best pool hotels in Ibiza (photo courtesy of Hotel Torre Del Mar)
The 8 Best Hotels with Pools in Ibiza

To truly embrace Ibiza's bohemian, hedonistic vibes, you might want to add an outdoor pool to your hotel must-have list. It's challenging to find lodging on the island without a pool, but some options stand out from the rest, with multiple pools, incredible views from the sundeck, private options in rooms, or even personal terraces with hot tubs.

Can Lluc Hotel Rural
The 8 Best Rural Hotels in Ibiza

Though a relatively small island with a reputation for beach clubs and partying, Ibiza has a surprisingly large focus on agritourism. It's also known as the "rural island" compared to others in the archipelago, so you'll have plenty of choices for idyllic countryside stays with fun perks like farm-to-table eateries and outdoor yoga sessions.

Stylish bohemian rooms (photo courtesy of Hotel Petunia Ibiza)
The 8 Best Mid-Range Hotels in Ibiza

Thanks to Ibiza's cultural heritage of indulgence, even its mid-range hotels offer perks that you might expect at a luxury property. You can save a bit on your budget while still enjoying amenities like outdoor saltwater pools, yoga sessions, spas with water circuits and hammams, sunrise rituals, and sustainable eateries.

Lounge poolside at ME Ibiza with views of the sea
The 6 Best Luxury Hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza's luxury hotels elevate those five-star perks and add the island's bohemian and hedonistic heritage to the mix. Enjoy fine-dining restaurants that embrace "slow food" and use local ingredients, stay in villas with private pools and chefs, or relax at spas with entire water circuits or at multiple outdoor pools.

Photo courtesy of Agroturismo ATZARO
The 11 Best Boutique Hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza has some of the best boutique hotel options of all the Balearic Islands, thanks to its bohemian history and hedonistic heritage. These cultural aspects bring the island's roots into your hotel room with natural decor and rustic furnishings. And to truly indulge the Ibizan way, enjoy perks like spas, fine-dining eateries, infinity pools, live music, and even sunset rituals.

Opt to stay in Sant Antoni de Portmany (photo courtesy of Hotel Portmany)
The 6 Best Urban Hotels in Ibiza

As a small island, some travelers prefer to use one of Ibiza's cities as a start or end point or a hub for day trips. Luckily, the island's two cities, Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni de Portmany offer plenty of history, culture, and gastronomy, so they're worth a visit even on their own.

Stylish standard apartments in Ibiza (photo courtesy of Hotel Portmany)
The 4 Best Standard Hotels in Ibiza

Ibiza's reputation as a coastal beachfront oasis and party scene means you'll find plenty of glitzy, posh lodgings. However, you can still find a handful of standard hotels offering comfortable and unique stays, ranging from urban to rural options and stylish to niche designs.

Ibiza Itineraries

Set sail in Ibiza's turquoise waters
Map of Best of Barcelona & Ibiza - 8 Days
Best of Barcelona & Ibiza - 8 Days

This 8-day itinerary is pure holiday bliss on the Mediterranean. Kick off the trip in Barcelona, an enchanting European city that needs no introduction, where you'll have a few days to explore Gaudi's architectural masterpieces and the popular gastro scene (i.e. tapas galore). From here, you'll jet off to the capital of cool—Ibiza island—for five days of white-sand beaches, sparkling seas, and serious bohemian relaxation.

Sunset in Palma de Mallorca
Highlights of Spain & Portugal - 19 Days

This 19-day itinerary allows you to visit three different regions of Spain, including Madrid, Basque Country, and Catalonia, as well as the Balearic Islands and Portugal. Throughout the adventure, you'll enjoy great food, wine tours, a flamenco show, historic Gothic architecture, and even make time for a bit of island-hopping in Ibiza and Mallorca. You'll also fly into Portugal to explore the cities of Porto and Lisbon, as well as the wine region in the Douro Valley and the famous palace of Sintra.