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January is a great time to explore Terceira's volcanic chamber of Algar do Carvão
The Azores in January: Travel Tips, Weather & More

January is a great month to visit the Azores for nature enthusiasts and hearty adventurers. Towns and trails will be at their quietest, and once pricey accommodations can be yours for a fraction of the cost. Cooler temperatures are perfect for soaking in the picturesque hot springs on São Miguel and hiking Terceira's lush trails.

Check out the natural swimming pools in Biscoitos on Terceira
The Azores in February: Travel Tips, Weather & More

After the rains of January, February is a great month to hike the lush landscapes of the Azores and relax in scenic hot springs dotted around São Miguel Island. Temperatures hover in the high 50s (Fahrenheit), and as February is considered offseason, you'll find the trails and towns crowd-free. You'll want to be prepared for the occasional rain shower, but in return, you can take advantage of the cheaper accommodations and deserted beaches.

Wander São Miguel's Terra Nostra Garden in March
The Azores in March: Travel Tips, Weather & More

With spring just around the corner and the winter rains easing, March is a beautiful time to visit the Azores. Pleasant temperatures are ideal for hiking, and cooler evenings are perfect for relaxing in São Miguel's natural hot springs. Wildlife lovers will have the chance to spot migrating whales and resident dolphins, and cheaper accommodations are great for budget-conscious travelers.

Picturesque view of the Lake of Sete Cidades, a volcanic crater lake on São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
The Azores in April: Travel Tips, Weather & More

April marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the Azores, making it an ideal time to visit if you're looking to hike, whale watch, and soak in the hot springs. Expect a mix of sunny days in the 60s (Fahrenheit), with the occasional rain shower and cloudy day. Accommodation prices are still lower than in the busy summer months, and activities and businesses on the western islands of Flores and Corvo are beginning to open up.

Sete Cidades near Miradouro da Boca do Inferno viewpoint, São Miguel Island, Azores
The Azores in May: Travel Tips, Weather & More

May is a great time to visit the Azores to take advantage of the quiet trails and warming temperatures. With the winter rains receding and the islands lush and green, you can enjoy plenty of sunny days ideal for hiking, whale watching, and island hopping. Accommodation prices will still be lower than in the busy summer months, except during Santo Cristo, when thousands of visitors arrive in Ponta Delgada to participate in a large festival and procession.

People swimming in the sea and relaxing on nice sandy Praia do Fogo
The Azores in June: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Pleasant temperatures in the high 60s (Fahrenheit) and minimal days of rain make June a great time to visit the Azores for those looking to spend time at the beach and hiking. Ferries and planes will be on their frequent summer schedule, making it easy to island hop, and as the Azores rarely gets packed, you can still enjoy quiet beaches and empty trails.

Cella Bar on Pico Island on a bright summer's day
The Azores in July: Travel Tips, Weather & More

July is the most popular and one of the best months to visit the Azores. Summer is in full swing, and temperatures range from the mid-60s (Fahrenheit) to the mid-70s. Top that with limited rainfall, light winds, and 14 hours of daylight, and you'll have plenty of time to hike, kayak, and swim your way around the islands. Accommodation prices will be higher than in winter, but as the Azores rarely get crowded, you can enjoy quiet beaches and empty trails if you head away from the main tourist spots.

Take to the water off Pico Island and snorkel Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo
The Azores in August: Travel Tips, Weather & More

August is one of the most popular times to visit the Azores, and for good reason. With daytime highs around 78ºF (25ºC) and ocean temperatures warming up to 74ºF (23ºC), you can spend your days soaking up the sun at the beach and whale watching in calm ocean waters. Mornings are perfect for hikes through the lush jungle, while pleasant evenings are ideal for wandering the cobblestone streets of Ponta Delgada and Angra do Heroísmo.

Hike to the top of Mount Pico on Pico Island, a great activity in September
The Azores in September: Travel Tips, Weather & More

With pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds than in July and August, September is one of the best times to visit the Azores. Sea temperatures are perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and calm oceans are ideal for spotting the last of the migrating whales passing through. Expect the occasional rain shower, but you can enjoy the lush landscapes the Azores are known for in return.

Discover the city of Horta on Faial Island in October
The Azores in October: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Cheaper accommodations and lingering summer temperatures make October a great time to visit. You can look forward to days in the mid to high 60s (Fahrenheit), with an occasional day of rain. Those looking for a relaxing vacation can spend their time between the beach and the hot springs, while nature enthusiasts will love hiking the lush forests and quiet coastal trails.

A wintry scene along Lagoa do Congro's volcanic lake, São Miguel Island
The Azores in November: Travel Tips, Weather & More

November is the tail end of fall in the Azores and offers a mix of sunny days, spots of rain, and cooler nights. Nature enthusiasts will love hiking through the lush landscapes, while those looking for a relaxing vacation can head for the natural hot springs dotted across São Miguel. While less frequent, some days in early November are still warm enough to soak up the sun at the beach and enjoy a refreshing swim.

In December, try cozido das Furnas, a meat stew cooked by the volcanic heat of São Miguel's Furnas Lagoon
The Azores in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

December may be winter in the Azores, but with mild temperatures in the high 50s (Fahrenheit) to low 60s and a mix of rainy and sunny days, it's a great time for active travelers to explore the lush landscapes of São Miguel and Terceira. Accommodation prices will be near their lowest, and trails and restaurants will be much quieter than in summer. Pack a swimsuit for the natural hot pools and some rain gear, and you'll find December is an excellent time for an authentic travel experience in the Azores.