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Discover the charm of the Netherlands through our 5-day itineraries, offering different ways to explore its green landscapes and vibrant cities. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Amsterdam and Haarlem, consider a journey like this best-of-Amsterdam itinerary that combines museum visits with quiet canal tours and fun countryside excursions. For a family-friendly adventure, opt for something similar to this Netherlands family trip, where you'll cycle through dunes, explore science museums, and enjoy leisurely boat rides along the scenic canals. Alternatively, if you're an avid cyclist, consider an active itinerary similar to this cycling trip through the Dutch countryside, where you'll bike by quaint Dutch villages, serene lakes, and historic castles while staying in charming riverside hotels. 

See our itineraries below or read our guide to the best 5-day trips in The Netherlands.

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The National Monument on Dam Square, Amsterdam
Map of World War II in the Netherlands - 5 Days
World War II in the Netherlands - 5 Days

History buffs won't want to miss this five-day tour of World War II sites and monuments in the Netherlands. From the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to the Camp Westerbork detention camp, and from refugee hideaways in the woods to military cemeteries and memorials, there's so much to see and learn. Spend the night at the site where the Netherlands was liberated from the Nazis, walk with a veteran across a landmark bridge at sunset in Nijmegen, and wrap up the itinerary with a visit to the National Monument in Amsterdam.

A picturesque canal in Amsterdam
Best of Amsterdam & Haarlem - 5 Days

This enlightening 5-day journey will take you to the highlights of Amsterdam and its surrounding region. Start at the Anne Frank House, then enjoy a private boat tour along the city's canals before visiting two world-class art museums, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. On a day trip to the countryside, you'll see historic windmills, wander around a quaint fishing village, and sample traditional Dutch cheese in Edam. Spend the last part of the trip in the charming city of Haarlem, an easy side trip from the capital, where you'll visit the oldest museum in the Netherlands.

Bicycle in the Dutch Countryside
Map of Flower Tour of Holland - 5 Days
Flower Tour of Holland - 5 Days

This itinerary is all about flowers! In just five days, you will cycle through Dutch tulip fields on an e-bike, learn how tulips are grown, and see how they're sold at auction and at floating flower markets. View magnificent tulips on display at the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens, the largest flower park in the world, and learn all about the rich history of tulips and their value in Dutch culture at the Tulip Museum. The best time to plan this trip is March through May, with the tulips at their best in mid-April.

Children playing on the rocky shore of the North Sea
Family Tour of The Netherlands - 5 Days

Filled with outdoor adventures and cultural highlights, this family-friendly tour is a wonderful introduction to the Netherlands. Cruise the canals of Amsterdam in a private boat, take a steam train to Medemblik, and cycle through the sand dunes to the North Sea. If you're traveling in spring, you'll see colorful fields of tulips, but this five-day journey is a pleasure throughout the year.

Windmill and flowers
Map of Highlights of Holland - 5 Days
Highlights of Holland - 5 Days

Experience the best Holland has to offer! The picturesque yet lesser-known cities of Leiden, Delft, and Gouda include all the quintessential Dutch characteristics: cheese markets, famous painters, canals, rich history, churches with beautiful stained glass, windmills, lovely squares, and ancient cobbled alleys. In addition, these smaller cities have a laid-back but lively atmosphere. End the trip in Amsterdam which is, of course, a much larger city but very much worth a visit.

Windmills and tulip fields in Kinderdijk
Discover Amsterdam, Dordrecht & Rotterdam - 5 Days

Experience Holland in a nutshell on this colorful 5-day itinerary around some of the Netherlands' classic attractions. Start with a day in Amsterdam, exploring the city by boat and visiting the famous Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. Then you will travel by train to the city of Dordrecht, a charming historic city that offers easy access to Biesbosch National Park, which you'll tour on an e-bike. Also nearby are the world-famous windmills at Kinderdijk, which you'll see up close, and lively Rotterdam, where you'll go on a walking tour to learn about the city's fascinating architecture. Circle back to Amsterdam on day five, where the trip ends.

Sailboats in the harbor of a Dutch fishing village
Map of Cycle Tour of North Holland - 5 Days
Cycle Tour of North Holland - 5 Days

Welcome to a self-guided cycling tour of the northern Netherlands! Windmills, tulips, cheese, clogs: these and other Dutch classics await you as you cycle through a region famous for its flower fields and coastline. You'll learn how local cheese is made, tour historic villages, and sleep on a restored cargo boat. March through May is the best time for this itinerary, but it's a great trip any time of year.

The harbor of Monnickendam
Off-the-Beaten-Path Luxury in the Netherlands - 5 Days

Get away from the crowds and experience Holland's finer things on this 5-day luxury tour around the Netherlands. Explore the smaller cities of Leiden, the Hague, and Delft, featuring classic Dutch attractions like picturesque canals, cobblestoned streets, world-class art museums, beautiful churches, historic windmills, and lovely squares lined with outdoor cafés. You'll stay in high-end hotels, including a landmark five-star hotel at the beach, a boutique hotel, and a hotel with its own Michelin-starred restaurant. Day-trip to Amsterdam for a boat tour, pedal to the coast on a self-guided bike tour, dine on fresh seafood, view Van Gogh originals up close — this short but sweet adventure has something for everyone.

The coast of the North Sea
Explore Coastal Landscapes & Dutch Villages by the North Sea - 5 Days

Discover the coastline of the North Sea on this active 5-day adventure. Start the trip in historic Haarlem, where you'll see original works by the great painter Frans Hals before setting off on a self-guided e-bike trip to a beach resort. Ride over to National Park Zuid-Kennemerduine, home to the largest dune area in Holland. Then continue to Bergen, a scenic village that's long been popular with artists. You'll base yourself here for the last few days of the itinerary, riding to a pair of resort towns, visiting the famous cheese market of Alkmaar, and seeing the windmills of Zaanse Schans before the trip ends in Amsterdam.

The lighthouse on the island of Texel
Explore the Islands of Texel & Vlieland - 5 Days

Get away from it all on this relaxing 5-day escape. This trip takes you to a unique landscape in the far north of the Netherlands where a chain of small islands awaits in the Wadden Sea. You'll visit two of these islands — Texel and Vlieland — to enjoy leisurely bike rides, dazzling sand dunes, endless beaches, and vast marshes populated with diverse birdlife. Wade through mud flats, feast on freshly caught seafood, view a historic collection of messages-in-bottles, and walk for hours on the coast: there's so much to see and do on this laid-back island itinerary.

A mosaic rendition of "Girl with a Pearl Earring"
Discover the Dutch Masters - 5 Days

Rembrandt van Rijn, Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals: Dutch art history is full of famous names. On this short trip, you'll view their masterpieces on display in world-class museums and visit the places where they lived and worked. Stroll along the cobblestoned streets and charming canals of Den Haag and Haarlem, step into Vermeer's former residence in Delft, and see where Rembrandt painted his iconic works in Amsterdam.

Muiderslot Castle in the Dutch countryside
Cycling in the Dutch Countryside - 5 Days

Holland is a cyclist's paradise! On this lively 5-day trip, you'll pedal past green meadows, small canals, peaceful lakes, picturesque villages, old fortified towns, and medieval castles. Start the adventure with some sightseeing in Amsterdam before you cycle through the Gooi, stopping to tour Muiderslot, a 13th-century castle. Explore historic Naarden, then sleep in a riverside hotel. Continue the journey through the "Green Heart" of Holland, taking a break from your e-bike to canoe or boat on a lake. You'll ride back to Amsterdam along the Amstel River, then spend one last night in the city before the trip ends.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
Vincent Van Gogh Tour - 5 Days

Learn about the life and legacy of the great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh — one of the most famous artists in the history of Western art — on this 5-day tour around the Netherlands. Start in Amsterdam, where you'll view some of the artist's original paintings at the Van Gogh Museum. Move on to the Dutch province of Brabant and Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch, home to several Van Gogh masterpieces. Zoom around the artist's onetime home of Nuenen on an e-bike, then finish the itinerary at Hoge Veluwe National Park and Kröller-Müller Museum, which houses the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world.

Dutch Delta Works
Explore the History of Water in the Netherlands - 5 Days

A significant portion of the Netherlands is below sea level, so the Dutch have been coming up with ingenious ways to manage water for over a thousand years. You'll learn all about it on this interesting 5-day itinerary. Visit the world’s largest storm surge barrier, the Delta Works, in the province of Zeeland. You'll cycle around the island of Schouwen-Duivenland and learn more about the natural environment on a boat cruise around Oosterschelde National Park — keep your eyes open for whales! Discover beautiful beaches and pedal along dune landscapes, stopping for fresh seafood, along the way, as you explore Walcheren Island. Finish with a day in historic Middelburg, an important trading center for the Dutch East India Company, before the trip ends in Amsterdam.

Reflections on the water in Alkmaar
Countryside Escape in Northern Holland - 5 Days

Dutch cheeses, charming fishing villages, fields of flowers: these are just a few of the pleasures that await you on this quick but colorful 5-day adventure. After a day exploring the canals and museums of Amsterdam, you'll head to Zaanse Schans to see some of Holland's famous windmills. Then continue to the northern countryside, basing yourself in the small cities of Hoorn and Alkmaar. Sample delicious cheeses in centuries-old cheese markets, cruise around a historic harbor on a private boat tour, and ride to the North Sea on an e-bike for a relaxing walk on the beach. Since distances between destinations are short, you'll spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the highlights of this beautiful region.

The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam
Explore Dutch Seafaring History - 5 Days

Immerse yourself in the seafaring history of the Dutch Golden Age on this enlightening 5-day trip. The Dutch East India Company was extremely important in trade during the 17th and 18th centuries. Discover reminders of this rich past as you gaze upon naval scenes in Frans Hals’ paintings in Haarlem, stroll along city canals bordered by ancient warehouses in Middelburg, tour Hoorn's historic harbor, and ride an antique boat across IJsselmeer lake. You'll also travel on an old steam train, cycle to a coastal fort in Zeeland, and wander around a replica of an 18th-century cargo ship in Amsterdam.

A boat and canal in Leeuwarden
Discover Culture and Nature in Friesland & Terschelling Island - 5 Days

This short trip takes you to the far north of the Netherlands for five days of cultural sightseeing and outdoor adventure. Begin in Leeuwarden, the capital of the green province of Friesland. This hidden gem is a lively city with a distinct language and culture. You'll tour its picturesque network of canals on a private gondola tour before continuing north. Ride a ferry to the peaceful island of Terschelling, known as the "Pearl of the Wadden Sea" for its windswept dunes, lovely beaches, and cozy villages. You'll explore the island on an e-bike, cycling past vast marshes and endless beaches home to a wide variety of birdlife. Dine on fresh seafood and enjoy this relaxing getaway before returning to Amsterdam, where the itinerary ends.

A square in the old town of Valkenburg
Cultural Tour & Outdoor Adventure in Southern Holland - 5 Days

Cycle, hike, and relax in open-air cafés on this outdoorsy 5-day tour of Holland's southernmost region. Limburg is home to historic cities like Maastricht and Valkenburg aan de Geul, where you'll tour grand churches and romantic castles. It's also known for its hilly countryside, particularly the gorgeous scenery of the National Landscape of Zuid-Limburg, which you'll explore on e-bike and on foot. Since this area of the Netherlands is known for its vineyards and gastronomic traditions, you'll dine well, too, a perfect way to end a day's worth of fresh air and active pursuits.

Brink Square in Deventer
Off the Beaten Path in Deventer & Otterlo - 5 Days

On this short trip, you will explore the central region of the Netherlands, known for its charming small cities and pristine forests. Begin by visiting Deventer, an enchanting historic city known for its narrow cobbled streets, quaint bookshops, beautiful squares, and excellent dining venues. Then base yourself in Otterlo for two days as you explore Hoge Veluwe National Park, home to the Kröller-Müller Museum, where you can view many of Vincent van Gogh's original masterpieces. Ride around the park and the surrounding countryside on an e-bike, looking for deer and wild boar, enjoying a picnic lunch, and sampling ice cream from a famous local institution. Enjoy the best of Holland away from the crowds!

Boating in Giethoorn
Cycling & Boating Adventure in Weerribben-Wieden National Park- 5 Days

This refreshing 5-day cycling trip takes you to the beautiful Weerribben-Wieden National Park. Peat and reed cutters created this unique landscape filled with lakes, canals, reed lands, swamp forests, and floating mats — today, it's one of the largest wetland areas in Europe. Begin the journey in Zwolle, pedaling away on forested paths on your way to Sint Jansklooster. Continue on to the quiet village of Kalenberg, where you'll take a break from cycling to paddle around the wetlands in a canoe. Discover some of the park's most scenic areas as you cycle to Giethoorn, a picturesque village nicknamed "the Venice of the North."  Explore its waterways by boat on the last day of the trip before transferring back to Amsterdam, where the trip ends.

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