Myanmar 4 Days

  Family of 2 adults and 1 child visited Myanmar in August 2017

“We are family of 3, husband(53), wife(51) and daughter(17yrs). After my business meeting, we have time from August 12 morning to August 15 evening.

Our flight leaving Yangon is at 11pm. We want to experience Yangon about their culture for 2 days and Inle Lake for 2 days.”

Wai Lin Tun, a local specialist from Myanmar, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Magnificent Myanmar - 03 Days


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Wai Lin Tun - Myanmar Travel Specialist

Welcome to KimKim! I am Wai Lin, a Myanmar travel specialist based in Yangon and will be assisting you to plan your Myanmar trip.

We are specialized in private tailor-made tours with local guide and private car so that you don't have to share your service with any other whereas the program is totally flexible with your preference and interests.

I have well noted that you would like to experience Yangon to learn our culture and enjoy and relax your mind during Inle Lake stay within 4 days. 
I am working on your proposal and will get back to you within a few hours.

Wai Lin Tun - Myanmar Travel Specialist

Thank you for your patience.

Here's the proposal that I planned for you.

In the proposal, there are 2 properties as 3* and 4* accommodation at the end of the day with hyperlinks for you to check upon. I will provide the price for both accommodations so that you could compare to.

I have included optional activities such as Oil lamp offering at Shwedagon Pagoda and City tour with 1940s Chevrolet bus for you to enjoy the unique experience during your Myanmar visit. I will send you the photos of the activities so that you could have a picture of what I am offering.


Can you send me tour schedule? 


Oh I just found the trip schedule you sent. I will look at it. 


Can you add something on day4? Our flight leaves at 11pm. So we have time until 6pm.


Can you change the schedule? We would like to go to Inle lake first so that we can have 2 straight night in Yangon after Inle. Otherwise, we have to pack every night to change the hotel. This way, we can make 1st night hotel at Inle lake, and 2nd & 3rd night at Yangon.

Wai Lin Tun - Myanmar Travel Specialist

Yes, I will revise the proposal for you and get back to you in a few hours.

Just to let you know, the hotels we offer are cheaper than the online rates as we get the special best rates with the hotels. Meanwhile, if you would like me to change or check any preferred hotels just let me know.

For now, I will rearrange the schedule as you request and take out the hotels for you.

Wai Lin Tun - Myanmar Travel Specialist

Thank you for your patience.

I have revised the proposal for you. Here's the proposal that I promised.

In this revised proposal, I have arranged the Yangon visit to let you visit Inle Lake first while adding circular train activity on 15 Aug. 

The circular train is unique to Yangon which you cannot find up country nor in many SE Asia countries. The reason behind why many people want to experience a train trip here is because of the British legacy. Meanwhile, you will get the local daily-life vibes from people getting on and off is just fascinating. 
As you are leaving 11 pm on 15 Aug, I have arranged the car until midnight. 

What do you think of this revised proposal? 

May I also know whether you would like to take any option that I offered?

Waiting for your reply on my proposal and options.
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