Long trip around Iceland
Iceland | Aug 13 - Aug 29, 2019

Natalie S.
the Philippines | Nov 07, 2019

+I appreciated having places to stay arranged for us for our long trip around Iceland
+ The places which were arranged were all very nice, definitely nicer than if I had tried to plan it myself.
+For the most part, the staff was pretty responsive to questions while we were on our trip.
+ The itinerary given was pretty good for ideas and suggestions within most of the things I had expressed interest in
+ Everything was provided in a good, organized manner

-There were a few parts in the itinerary where it was out of order so I would have to make sure ahead of time that we were able to go to all the places without backtracking
-There were a few places that I feel were recommended that could have been missed and there were a few that were not mentioned that I felt could have been on the places recommended, so even with the provided itinerary, I did spend extra time to make modifications.
- A little flexibility or a little more heads up about things may have been helpful? One of the unfortunate things with our trip and completely not the fault of the Kimkim staff, is that we had a bit of not good weather which significantly altered some of our activity plans. It would have been nice if offerings for alternatives or even if they had a notice about weather and could have switched a day's activity with another day's activity. As it was, we had 3 days in a row where we scrambled to find alternative plans due to weather.
-There was a least one time where some questions were left unanswered for a very long time.
-There were a few parts on our itinerary and vouchers that were not complete and needed clarification

Overall, I am glad that I used kimkim to plan our trip. There were some things that could have been better but then again, i usually don't book with multi-day tours, especially self-guided ones. I would definitely consider kimkim again for future travel possibilities.

Local specialist: Preeti Bhide