Jordan in 5 Days - Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba and the Dead Sea - Oct 6 - Oct 10, 2018

Traveler: Jess H. - Local specialist: Imke Herold

The experience in Jordon itself was fantastic. It is a beautiful country and we enjoyed Petra and Wadi Rum immensely. The experience with kimkim was good at first, but a lot of important details were missed that soured our experience. Imke never sent us the name or contact info for our driver, despite her assuring us that she would and I reached out to her days before we left to get that info. We felt rather lost when we landed, not sure where to find him since there were groups of drivers/guides at many different places in the airport. Then we got to one of our hotels and it hadn't been paid for and the host at the desk rather aggressively insisted it was my responsibility to pay. I had to call the emergency line to get it resolved, and the whole process took over an hour from our time in Petra as we weren't allowed to leave the hotel without paying. Then, less important but most disappointing: despite confirming with Imke twice that we wanted to do the hot air balloon in Wadi Rum, she did not make the booking and it was already full when we got there so we missed out on one of the parts of our honeymoon that we were most looking forward to experiencing. And our driver was nice but we felt pressured at times to buy things from the gift shops and restaurants that he took us to (I know this is standard on tours but it shouldn't be). And then on our last day we had planned in our itinerary to explore Amman for a few hours but our driver insisted that we should stay at our hotel until 5pm (well past checkout) instead. We pushed back a bit but he was very insistent and so we felt uncomfortable and just agreed to that. Overall, we liked Jordan but I'm not sure I would go through kimkim again.