Pikey Peak Trek
Nepal | Sep 22 - Oct 1, 2018

Audrey S.
Switzerland | Mar 14, 2019

Hi ! We did the Pikey peak and Solu trek package. It was even better than we expected. Amanda our local specialist really understood what we wanted, I asked for a trek with the least amount of tourist and she delivered. We did not see any tourist until the end of the trek, so our entire trek was nature and the locals (Sherpa coulture). Very sweet people, warm and very hospitable. We stayed in tea houses and they were great. Our guide Pemba was really great, he knew his stuff well and was very good about taking d├ęcisions when the weather was less than ideal. He was also really great at the Phaplu airport, a very tiny airport with very few flights and weather plays a huge role in you getting your flight and so does the delivery of goods to Lukla. So after stressing a bit thinking we may not get our flight, our guide found a way and we flew on saturday as planned, thank you Pemba for your hard work! Now our sherpas, they were so amazing, Dowa 1 and Dowa 2, they both had the same name so the told us to add the number when Calling their names. They were so great, they also did most of the cooking for us at the tea houses, they really went out of their way for us to be confortable and well fed.

As for the trek itself I loved all of it, my favorites, I really enjoyed Japre, I loved where we stayed at Pikey basecamp, climbing up to Pikey Peak at 6am in the fog and then seeing Everest was pretty magical. We all really enjoyed Loding village it was really relaxing after two hard days of Walking. When we arrived in Junbesi we immediately climbed to Thubten Choling Monastery, now that was the nicest most amazing mistical monastery I have ever visited. The monks where really warm and hospitable, they even invited us to their tea room for some delicious tea with milk and some local cookies.

I could go on and on, but if you want a trek that is a bit challenging but yet very enjoyable and minimal tourist with a real experience of the Sherpa culture, this is a really great trek. Thank you Amanda for your hard work and thank you Pemba for all the strings you pulled to get us back to Kathmandu ontime. I can't wait for my next trek in Nepal!!!


Local specialist: Amanda Delecca
Amanda Delecca
Local specialist in Kathmandu | Mar 14, 2019

Hey Audrey, thanks for your thorough review of your trek, the area you went to, Solu, is one of our favourites and so we're so glad you enjoyed it and that it really did meet the criteria you had requested! The crew on our treks really do a lot of 'behind the scenes' work that's not always noticed, so thanks for your extra appreciation :)

Looking forward to seeing you back here later this year!