Trip to iceland, Iceland - Jun 14 - Jun 22, 2018

Traveler: Jan O. - Local specialist: Sotiria Prodromiti

Our guide, Birgir Jóhannsson was very good. He was intersting, polite, accommodating to our needs. The hotels/guest houses which were booked were very modest. Of the five nights there, four were very bare. Two had no TV, no soap in some of them, no bath mats, no face cloths, about two clothes hangers. They all had private bathrooms with wonderful hot and cold water.
My biggest complain was the bus. There were 17 people plus driver crammed into a very tight space. There was absolutely no leg room, particularly for tall people. The overhead bins were very shallow , so would not accommodate a full backpack, only some jackets. We sat for hours driving with out packs on our knees. We did make frequent stops to stretch our legs but that also meant a lot of off and on the bus. Our group of passengers was very good at rotating seats, but when you got over the wheel well, there was even less space. Either get a bigger bus or less passengers. We specifically choose this tour because there were less passangers than the big tour buses.