Iceland outside of Reykjavik - Jul 2 - Jul 11, 2018

Traveler: Sarah C. - Local specialist: Preeti Bhide

It was great to have Preeti's help once we were in Iceland. We encountered a few problems as we went, due to weather and cancellations, and she had to do some reshuffling and re-booking. It was nice to continue on our vacation while she handled the headaches- I don't know what we would have done without her help. The driving plan had lots of suggestions for stops and optional detours that were wonderful. We were very glad to have her to turn to during our stay. I wish that we had been given more choice and explanation during the planning process- particularly around accommodations. The hotels were always clean and located near the next day's activities, but we would have liked a higher class of accommodation and hotels with more personality. We had booked two nights on our own before enlisting help, and the places we booked were much nicer than what we got through Kimkim. Preeti really never asked what we were looking for or what price range we were looking for- we gave her some ideas for activities we'd like and she gave us back a fully planned trip and price for the trip without an explanation about how the price was set. In the end, we had a wonderful vacation and were glad that we went through Kimkim/Preeti, I just wish we'd felt a little more in control of and aware of the vacation we were embarking on. One thing that we came to appreciate during our trip was how Preeti had tried to steer us away from the Golden Circle- we felt obligated to see some of the sights there, and ultimately insisted on including it in the itinerary. She obliged and squeezed it in. We enjoyed the rest of Iceland much more than the Golden Circle. It was a zoo. We were glad we spent the majority of our trip elsewhere, where there are just as many beautiful and unique spots but a third of the people.