Incredible, Perfectly Balanced Trip to Iceland
Iceland | May 23 - May 31, 2023

Samantha T.
Hough, OH | Reviewed on Jun 01, 2023

I was considering planning my family's trip to Iceland myself, but got immediately overwhelmed when I sat down to do the research. I am so glad that I happened to come across the KimKim website, and that I got linked with Veronika as our local specialist! Our trip just ended and we are all still reeling with how much we got to see and do, how smoothly everything went, and how wonderful it was to have Veronika available to us 24/7 by WhatsApp message if we did have questions or need to move things around. I come from a family of historically late people, so there were a few times where we were running late for ticketed items or needed to move dinner reservations later. I messaged Veronika in these instances, and she was on it for me, contacting the places and letting me know if things could be moved around. I didn't expect Veronika to be as available as she was to me... I don't think I waited longer than 10 minutes for most of the responses from her throughout the trip. She really went above and beyond, and was responsive before the trip/able to make adjustments to the plan/hotel changes as needed beforehand via the chat in KimKim. I asked her to make the trip a blend of activity and relaxation since members of my family enjoy both, and she staggered hikes and relaxing hot springs perfectly so that the trip met everyone's needs. Best of all, we actually got to meet Veronika in person when we stopped in her city and we had dinner together. She was even more intelligent, funny, and adorable in person and we were so glad to have the opportunity to meet her. I would send any friend planning to go to Iceland to her to plan their trip. Thanks for linking me with her, KimKim!

Local specialist: Veronika TurskytÄ—
Veronika TurskytÄ—
Local specialist in Iceland | Replied on Jun 01, 2023

Hello Samantha and the whole family!

Thank you for everything and this amazing review!

I'm beyond happy that we had a chance to meet and that destiny paired us to be on this Icelandic adventure together! I do hope that you'll keep these memories forever and this trip will be the best thing that ever happened in your life so far! :)

I hope one day we will meet again and unlit then... well, just continue to be fashionably late and awesome as you all are! <3