Not a good experience - Sep 15 - Sep 24, 2019

Traveler: Helen S. - Local specialist: Erin Wiley

1. We lost 2 hours from exploring Perito Merino because the company Erin
contracted us with forgot to pick us up. When we brought our concern to her attention, she didn’t seem to care about the anxiety I had to go through not knowing if I’ll ever see the glaciers that
I came for from far? And the little to no Spanish we spoke trying to figure out what happened? Thanks to a personal connection our hotel owner had with
the local companies, they figured out that we were forgotten and were able to get a hold of the company. Once the company showed up, the tour guide rushed us in the park so we don’t miss the last running boat in the
afternoon. When I called Laura via emergency line, she promised a full
refund for that day because of what we had to go through.

2. I hired KimKim to make sure my religious dietary restrictions were
respected and not to have us starve with the 22km hike to Torres Base Camp.

3. In Paine Grande, they didn’t have running water. So we weren't even able
to brush out teeth or take a shower during our stay. They told us
maintenance is working on the water. They charged us each 5 pesos for the
towel. They promised us warm warmer the morning after, which never
happened. How can you run a business with no running water? Or warm water
even in winter?

4. On our way to ElChalten, Walk Patagonia left us hanging yesterday in the
van in-front of the airport for over an hour waiting for passengers to
board. We were freezing in the car. Someone should have let us know about

5. We missed our meals yesterday because we had red meat in our meal and we
were not sure if it was pork or not. The hotel tried to call Walk Patagonia
to check but no one was answering the call. We had no idea what time we
were supposed to be picked up. The hotel told us 8:30am, however it was not
until 9am that a car came to pick us up.

6. Walk Patagonia sent us a bottle of wine to apologize about their poor
service. I told the hotel receptionist that I have let you (Erin) know that
we don’t drink alcohol. I let her have it. However, she contacted the
company to let them know about the bottle of wine. They sent me a box of
sweet today.


Erin Wiley profile photo
Erin Wiley, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Helen,

It's very unfortunate some of the issues that came up during your trip. We very much appreciate your feedback as it helps us to keep learning and growing. We've followed up personally and believe that all of this has been resolved. Wishing you and Tyson the best from Patagonia!

All the best,