Manaslu Circuit
Nepal | Apr 20 - May 6, 2019

Jee Y.
Australia | Aug 05, 2019

In my opinion Priscilla was different from the other guides because unlike others where they try to set an itinerary up the mountain, she keeps her options open by deciding based on my capabilities and is very attentive to my wellbeing and gives the impression that I can trust her. She also shared with me the local culture, way of life, and a wealth of knowledge on native plants. This effectively made my trip up in the mountains an enjoyable experience, not just a trek through the pass. She also has a positive attitude which makes her company highly enjoyable. I would highly recommend her as a guide.

I did encounter some issues with my porter; at times he has conflicting opinions to Priscilla and sometimes I'm not sure who I should listen to, as he says that he's usually a guide and only being a porter because he has time. I also had to say a few words to him about going through the content on my phone without my authorisation and using my phone to take photos of himself. However this stopped after I expressed my unease with him doing that.

It was overall an enjoyable experience, I will book with you again in the future if I come back to Nepal for another visit. Thanks heaps.

Local specialist: Erin Green
Erin Green
Local specialist in Kathmandu | Aug 05, 2019

Hi Jee,
So glad to hear you and Priscilla had a great trek together. You did the Manaslu Circuit, which is a long one, so great you had a good bond. I've shared your feedback with Priscilla and the rest of our team.

Sorry to hear about the issues with your porter. We'll address that. Hopefully this didn't dissuade you from enjoying too much of the experience.

Sounds like overall it was a great trek! Hope you can make it back here one of these days!