Petra Wadi Rum - Oct 29 - Oct 31, 2018

Traveler: Robert W. - Local specialist: Lena Sluga

We loved the trip. Going to Jordan was a wonderful experience.
There were surprises. One was how long the travel took. Knowing the time frame better in advance would have settled some of our mild anxiety. We were surprised it took all day to get to Wadi Rum and arrived almost at dusk. But the camel ride was waiting and everything ended up perfectly.
Our guide was very good, but she held the mike too close to her mouth and some of her narrative was distorted by the sound on the bus, but that was a fairly minor issue.
The accommodations in Wadi Rum were wonderful, better than expected and the food was very good. Sitting by the fire and experiencing the singing and dancing there at night was a treat. The jeep ride next am was great fun and the scenery incredible.
Petra was magnificent. The hike was long and wearing, and the prospect of coming back on horseback or by carriage was impaired by gouging prices by the carriage drivers and too short a horse ride, so we just walked. We were most thankful for an honest boy who found the backpack I absentmindedly left on the trail. The police escort with us was a godsend as he contacted the police office there and located the backpack, all intact.
Hotel and food in Amman were great. Overall a great experience.

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Lena Sluga, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Robert,

My sincerest apologies about the transfer on the first day, I should have indeed calculated more time, as it takes longer with a bus. As already mentioned to Suzanne, as I am usually dealing with individuals in normal cars. But, I am happy you enjoyed your trip anyways, and especially that you got your backpack again!

Greetings & all the best,