Robi did a fantastic job of scheduling our tr... - Aug 28 - Sep 6, 2021

Traveler: JOHN S. - Local specialist: Robert Pinčević

Robi did a fantastic job of scheduling our trip. He incorporated every detail that we wanted and would go back and forth with us when we had small changes to the trip. We even decided halfway in our trip to take a boat for day, and Robi took us around to several islands and took us to a local restaurant. He was great at showing us places that we would never have seen without him.

Robi, Mario and Pero all had immense knowledge of their country, and they were very knowledgeable both on the tours, and with their suggestions of where to visit in our free time.

I would highly recommend them and would travel with them again.

Thanks Robi

Robert Pinčević profile photo
Robert Pinčević, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi John,

thank you very much for your feedback!
I am very happy to hear you liked the trip, Croatia, and all the little places and our team!
It was a pleasure meeting you both and spending some time with you!

Sending many regards from Croatia!

Thank you!