Overall the trip was fantastic and covered a ...
Morocco | Feb 3 - Feb 10, 2020

Karen W.
Sevierville, TN | Reviewed on Jan 20, 2021

Overall the trip was fantastic and covered a lot of ground. With that said, there was way to much driving each day. There seemed to be a lot of activities that we were not able to do because we were consistently behind schedule. It didn't appear that the travel times took into effect that we were in a tour bus and were restricted by the laws in Morocco.

The Riad's were great. Perfect locations with all the necessary conveniences.

Mohammed was a great driver, but I kept wanting him to be more. With all the time in the tour bus, I felt like it was a great opportunity for the driver to provide some additional information about the landscape, attractions or Morocco in general. Mohammed was fantastic as a driver! I feel the expansion of the driver to be more informative helps the company as a whole, not a reflection on the actual driver.

Local specialist: Yassine Echcherki